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Work results for 6 months of 2016

Carrying out the most important priorities of the program of social and economic development the collective of JSC “Almalyk MMC” for the 6 months of 2016 has provided output of products:

 - In current prices – 1409,4 billion sums or 102,3%,

- In comparable prices – 1292,2 billion sums or 102,0%.

Growth rate of releasing of products in the comparable prices by the corresponding period of 2015 has made 103,5%.

 Copper ore has been mined for 101.1% to the established task, output of copper products for 101,8%, including from own raw materials – 100.0%, zinc 109,1%, including from own raw materials – 108.4%, sulphuric acid - 119,0%, the affined gold of 100,4% and the affined silver of 100,4%.

 Copper raw materials in the quantity of 101.7% to a task have been processed, growth rate of 102.9%.

 According to the program of prospecting works for the 6 months of 2016 accomplishment of the main physical volume has constituted: driving of underground excavations – 109.1% to the plan (growth rate of 103.2%), well-drilling – 101.7% (growth rate of 124,1%), are accustomed – 16,7 billion sums.

The prediction of export is accomplished for 124.5%, including copper products for 107.4%.

Through the exchange market of JSC “UZ RTSB” for the 6 months of 2016 copper products has been sold – 106% to balance, zinc metal – 100% to balance, zinc powder – 33.0 tons and 252.0 thousand tons of a Portland cement.

 For the purpose of saturation of the internal market the combine has made consumer goods for 102.3% to a task, growth rate has made 100.1%.

JSC “Almalyk MMC” enables the realization of 14 projects according to the resolution No. ПП -2458 dd. 25.12.2015 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The annual amount of capital investments – 607.5 billion sums.

Reclamation for the 6 months of 2016 has constituted – 84.5 billion sums or 107.8% to the prediction.

 The application of funds is performed in the following order: (million. sum)



(mln. sum)


(mln. sum)

% done. (mln. sum)


Construction of the new melting furnace at copper-smelting plant





Construction of the underground mine of a site "Samarchuk" on the basis of the operating field “Kizil — Alma”





Involvement of off-balance dump ores of the Kalmakir field in debugging





Construction of cement works in Sherabad district of Surkhandarya region





Production organization of a copper wire in Tashkent region.





Expansion of cement plant in Jizzakh region





Production organization of a galvanized metal leaf and the pro-thinned-out flooring (SIZ "Angren")





Reclamation of the “distant” field of Tashkent region





Organization of  the packed explosives





Reconstruction of foundry and machine-assembling CRMZ shops





Modernization of compressor station at copper-smelting plant





Reconstruction of substations  "54 PVS"





Reconstruction of a site of filtration and drying of copper and gold-bearing concentrates in Tashkent region





Purchasing of equipment instead of life-expired









 According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. ПП -2298 dd. 11.02.2015 "About the program of localization of production of finished goods, components and materials for 2015 - 2019 years", JSC “Almalyk MMC” accomplishes realization of 30 projects for the total amount of 77,4 billion sums. For the 6 months of 2016 are made localizable products on -36,2 billion sums or 110,2% to the forecast.

 JSC “Almalyk MMC” on the International industrial fair and the cooperation exchange 155 delivery agreements of spare parts and accessories of materials for the total amount of 184,5 billion sums are signed.

For the 6 months of 2016 it purchased accessories and spare parts on the amount – 78,9 billion sums or 101,5% to the forecast. For imports purchased inventory items of 38.8 million dollars.

According to the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. ПП 2200 dated  03.07.2014 JSC “Almalyk MMC” does not consist in the privatization program of state-owned property.

According to the Resolution of The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 374 dated 29.12.2015 "About additional measures for reducing production costs and decrease in product cost in the industry in 2016" by the combine was developed the Complex of organizational and technical actions for cost reduction on production for 2016 providing reducing product cost on 213,0 billion sums or 10,1%.

The expected result from the accomplishment of a package of measures for cost reduction on production for the 6 months of 2016 will amount 90,4 billion sums or 9,2% against 7,4% to a task, including production cost value – 79,0 billion sums or 8,1% against 6,5% to a task.

Actions for enhancement of management, strengthening of a financial and economic provision and implementation of monitoring for decrease in receivables and payables are developed by the combine.

The expected receivables as of 01.07.2016 constitute 105,3 billion sums, without formation of overdue debt, accounts payable – 147,2 billion sums, including delayed – 3,3 billion sums.

 The debt to the budget and on a salary is not available.

On JSC Almalyk MMC developed and approved actions for 2016 due to which accomplishment the expected economy of fuel and energy resources for the 6 months of 2016 has constituted are:

- Decrease in loadings in hours of a maximum – 52 MW;

- The electric power – 81,5 million kWh;

- Fuels – 20,6 million m3;

- Heat power – 6,8 thousand Gcal.

According to the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. UP-4720 dd. 24.04.2015 "About measures for implementation of modern corporate management methods in joint-stock companies" general shareholder meeting has approved the new organizational structure developed in compliance with standard taking into account industry specifics of combine. The administrative board of combine has passed certification by the Commission on increase of efficiency of activities of joint-stock companies and enhancement of a corporate management system regarding knowledge them modern methods and the principles of corporate management, management and marketing, ownership of information technologies and their application in manufacturing execution system. Heads of JSC “Almalyk MMC” have taken part and have increased the professional skills and knowledge in the field of implementation of modern methods and the principles of corporate management in the field of management and marketing in number of 7 people.

According to the Program for creation of new workplaces creation of 251 new workplaces, from them on development of an industry 147, on an investing program 93 workplaces and on localization of 11 workplaces is planned for 2016.

For the 6 months of 2016 113 new workplaces, on development of an industry or 108,7% to the forecast are created.

According to the program for technical training of personnel were trained on advanced training of 1917 people, retraining and advanced training of engineering employees of 1126 people, including with a separation from production – 281 people.

On a paid and contractual basis 112 people are trained. Costs for payment of contracts have constituted 638,2 million sums.

JSC “Almalyk MMC” was executed by a complex of actions for cooperation with six professional colleges assigned to combine, to strengthening of cooperation communications on the organization of work practice of graduates. According to actions, structural divisions of combine give sponsor's help on equipment of educational workshops and laboratories.

For the 6 months of 2016 have passed work practice of 1351 pupils of the 2nd rate of the professional colleges assigned to combine in divisions of combine and externship 1085 pupils 3rd rate.

For the 6 months 2016 107 people from them 95 graduates of special professional educational institutions and 12 university graduates are employed.

According to the order of a meeting of the President of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan the protocol No. 11 dated 08.02.2016 "About the course of the organization of work on studying of a condition of equipment of the entities of industries as modern processing equipment and advanced technologies" JSC “Almalyk MMC” books technical audit by determination of the list of the equipment and technologies which are subject to replacement on modern, approved at world level.

On JSC “Almalyk MMC” actions for expansion of use of alternative energy sources are carried out. Network schedules on implementation of solar power plants in ABK JDC-1 of management of a rail transport and photo-electric station in locomotive depot of management of an industrial rail transport are approved. Works are conducted according to the schedule.

According to the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. ПП -2487 from dated 09.02.2016 the program of “Year of Healthy Mother and Child” which includes actions for allocation of financial support, acquisition of educational accessories to children from needy families, to orphan children, the organization of free treatment into sanatoria dispensaries, allocation of free permits to nurseries improving camp, content of playgrounds in makhallas and other actions on 778,6 million sums is developed and approved at the combine. For the 6 months of 2016 of costs for accomplishment of actions have constituted 191,5 million sums.

For the purpose of satisfaction of need of employees of combine and a market saturation of the city with meat and dairy and agricultural products for the 6 months of 2016 it is made:

Agricultural products (tomatoes and cucumbers) – 73,4 t;

Fruits – 15,2 t;

Meat products – 22,4 t;

Dairy products – 985,4 t.

During the entire period work on implementation of a reporting system and the organization of control of an execution of documents was carried out to fixed terms, to studying of the course of performances of Laws, acts of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Government decisions on places, according to the work plan of combine, protocols with registration of research opinions are constituted.

Work on the critical analysis of execution of own decisions, to identification of shortcomings and development of specific measures for their elimination is carried out.

At combine work on consideration of claims and statements of workers is regularly carried out. For the 6 months of 2016 103 written applications and 18 oral have arrived. According to 24 statements measures are taken, 95 – it is explained, 2 statements on consideration.

Nature of statements is rendering financial support, employment and treatment.


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