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Acting deputy Chairman of the Board for commercial issues

Phone: (+998) 70 61 9-51-08

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception day and hours: every Tuesday at 15:00



Was born in 1980 in Tashkent region.

Education – higher. In 2002 graduated from Uzbek state institute of physical culkture, Specialty – physical culture.

Labor activity

2013-2015  - Founder - Director General o trade house "Magistral", Republic of Kazakhstan,Astana

2015-2016  - Deputy General Director for Commercial Affairs of LLC Concern "Naiza Кurilis", Republic of Kazakhstan

2016-2017 гг. - General Director LLC Concern "Naiza Кurilis", Republic of Kazakhstan

2017-2018 гг. - Member of the Supervisory Board of LLC Concern "Naiza Кurilis", Republic of Kazakhstan

2018-н/вр. - Deputy Chairman of Board for Procurement of JSC “Almalyk MMC"


  • manages commercial activity of the Combine in accordance with the functional duties;
  • coordinates and monitors fulfillment of the functional duties of the heads of the following structural divisions: logistics department, department for study of commodity market conditions and other services/departments under his subordination in accordance with the approved organizational structure of the Combine;
  • ensures and controls supply of raw products and materials necessary for smooth operation of the Combine;
  • ensures implementation of bilateral agreements in terms of product importation signed under international agreements;
  • heads Competition Commission for evaluation and selection of the best proposals for corporate procurement of goods (works, services), including importation of raw products, materials and components;
  • signs invoices, acts of work (services) performed, acts of reception and/or transfer of goods (works, services), powers of attorney for acceptance of inventory, projects, estimates, costing, specifications, drawn up under contracts concluded by the Combine in ensuring the activities and performance of functional tasks supervised by the deputy chairman of the procurement board.
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