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Localization program

32 projects for a total amount of 29.0 billion UZS are being implemented by JSC Almalyk MMC in the framework of the localization program in 2018.

Current localization projects include the production of zinc oxide, centrifugal and axial fans, packaged explosives, GRAT and HC pumps, linings for Wet Semi-autogenous Grinding Mill and Central Discharge Ball Mill, electro slag remelting ingots, spare parts for ECG excavators, RIF-type flotation machines, as well as products from rare metals and hard alloys, etc.

In 2018, the expected savings in foreign exchange through the production of localized products is $ 1.9 million.

In order to organize the production of localized products in recent years, the plant HAS launched into action the following:

  • Angren Tube Plant;
  • Workshop for the production of mining equipment;
  • Shop for the production of alloy ZAMAK;
  • Shop for the production of centrifugal and axial fans;
  • Shop for the production of patronized explosives;
  • Shop for the production of zinc oxide (zinc oxide), etc.

Finished products, component parts and components produced under the Localization Program at JSC “Almalyk MMC”. Download (format - PDF, size - 410 Kb) 

  • 00cu150
  • 01cement150
  • 02cutube150
  • 03emalprovod150
  • 04kadmiy150
  • 05au150
  • 06ag150
  • 07zn150
  • frrewr
  • h2so4150
  • kuporos150
  • selen150-2
  • teknic_tellur
  • vp_ru_uz
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