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The marble block processing department is meant to produce marble flags from natural stones. The department started in November, 2000. Facing tiles are made using the Italian equipment from ‘TEMA – FRUGOLLI’ (T&F) EFFE MECCANICA SRL. The annual production capacity is 54,000 sq m.

The main raw material is marble blocks, extracted at the ‘Kulsuyuk’ deposit, located in the Farish District of the Dzhizak Region, the Republic of Uzbekistan; the deposit is represented with limestone of Middle Devonian’s Pistalitaus suite. Qualitatively, the limestone comply with the GOST 9479-98 requirements.

The raw material for facing tile production can also be the blocks, extracted at other deposits of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The tile, obtained from the ‘Kulsuyuk’ deposit marble blocks, is featured by black color with organic impregnations, and, depending on the stone structure, can have the following patterns:

  1. ‘Worms’ – on the black background: great number of thick white short lines, arranged chaotically;
  2. ‘Tiger’ – on the dark background: thin white stripes, arranged almost parallel to each other;
  3. ‘Seashell’ – on the black background: sparse white or gray spots ‘blots’;
  4. ‘Black’ – accounts for 5 to 10 percent of full volume of the output;
  5. ‘Mixed’;
  6. The tiles, made from the ‘Chingali’ deposit marble blocks, are grey-colored and mostly ‘Tiger’-patterned;
  7. The tile made of the ‘Zarband’ deposit blocks, is also gry-colored and spotted with chaotically arranged white dots and lines;
  8. The tile, produced from marble blocks of the ‘Gazgan’ deposit, is featured by a wide range of natural shades of the yellow color, and covered with seashells.
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