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The double-glazed window assembly section carries out assembly windows and door blocks from PVC profiles and components, supplied by the ‘Decorimex’ firm under the Goodwin technology.

PDV is synthesized from petrochemicals. Like many other polymers, it is highly long-lived. It is no problem for it when exposed to sun rays, moisture, natural microorganisms, and insect, like the wood borer. The widow profile PVC is not a fragile, but at the same time rather rigid material – due to modifying additives. In terms of strength property, it is better than the wood. The modern quality windows withstand ambient temperatures from – 50 degree C to + 60 degree C. The manufacturing firms guarantee the profile lifetime 15 to 20 years, though the experts say hard PVC windows can maintain their properties at least for 50 years. It is not the case in terms of the seals Their lifetime is defined differently by different firms – from

 4 to 15 years. Here, it depends to a large extent on the temperature difference in your locality. When manufacturing the PVCs of many profiles, they are added with lead (to give a whiteness), but the modern technology excludes the toxic substance release in the finished products: special additives make the material ecologically pure. In some profiles, zinc and calcium are used instead of lead.

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