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Speeches and statements by management

AМMC: only forward on the road of great achievements!

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Dear workers of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, our dear veterans of production, Almalyk citizens!

On behalf of the Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" and the management company "SFI Management Group" I congratulate you on the greatest, most expensive holiday for all the people of Uzbekistan – the 28th anniversary of independence of our country! This remarkable day was for us the beginning of a new era, which opened the way to a new, free life.

We must be an example everywhere and in everything!

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Dear toilers of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex, dear veterans of our complex!

On behalf of JSC “Almalyk MMC” management and holding company “SFI Management Group” my congratulations to all several thousand strong collective of the complex, its veterans with professional holiday – Day of employees of mining and metallurgical industry!

Never forget courage and deed!

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Dear veterans of the Second World War, participants of the labor front, labor veterans!

Today, on the eve of the great holidays - the Day of Memory and Honor and the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the Second World War, we all, bowing to the courage and nobility of our people, manifested during the most bloody and terrible war, we express our deep respect to our compatriots who gave their lives for the world, for our clear sky, for the possibility of our confident progress.

Life is beautiful in the world where piece and understanding prevail

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Dear employees of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, the plant veterans, Almalyk residents!

There are many wonderful and bright holidays in the world. But a special place among them, of course, takes Navruz - a symbol of spring and renewal. It is distinguished by antiquity and amazing beauty. And at the same time, it organically echoes the realities of our present day.

Happy spring, kindness and beauty!

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Dear women! Our dear employees - mothers, spouses, sisters, daughters, colleagues!

On behalf of all the men of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, I sincerely congratulate you with the International Women's Day - the holiday of spring, love and beauty!

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