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Speeches and statements by management

In the new year - with new goals and plans!

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December 22, elections of deputies to the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Regional and Almalyk City Kengashes of People's Deputies were held. And it’s nice to note that two representatives of the AMMC were elected in the regional Kengash, nine in the city Kengash of people's deputies. The task of the deputies from the AMMC is to justify this high confidence by making every effort to implement large-scale positive changes in the country, aimed primarily at improving the well-being of people.

For AMMC 2019 was the year of summarizing its 70-year activity. This significant date was widely celebrated both in labor collectives and on the scale of the city and the Republic. In addition, the anniversary year has become a landmark in the production process, marked by several records. By September 16, the smelter had produced 100 thousand tons of blister copper! There was no such indicator in the recent history of our enterprise. On December 25 the plant set several more historical records, including for gold handed over in the amount of 16200 kilograms! The increase to last year amounted to 1150 kg! At the end of the year, production of 148 thousand tons of copper is expected. And this is also a record figure. Almost all divisions of the plant ahead of schedule fulfilled the main forecast indicators. Including the saving of fuel and energy resources, cost reduction, implementation of the program of localization and export of products. The final results will be announced a little later, but now we can say that the production of commodity products will be about 17.7 trillion soums, the growth rate by 2018 is 120.8%.

High indicators are also observed in the production of main types of products: the growth rate compared to the same period in 2018 will be 128.6% for the production of cathode copper, metal zinc -125.1%, gold refining - 107.6%, silver refining - 158.9%, cement production grew almost 2 times, export volume is expected in the amount of $ 900 million, the growth rate is 120.8%. Payments to the budget will amount to 6.9 trillion soums with a forecast of 5.7 trillion soums, and this is the salary of teachers, doctors, pensions, and the solution of social issues.

All these achievements are the result of a correctly chosen strategy for the development of the plant, ensuring technological discipline, implementing stabilization, reconstruction, modernization programs carried out in all shops and units.

And of course, one of the main factors of our success is the dedicated work and professionalism of our employees. This was also emphasized in the holiday congratulations of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev.

The constant attention of the country's leadership to the problems of the plant directs us to solve the most complex problems that shape the future of the enterprise. And it is connected, first of all, with the implementation of the investment project for the integrated development of the Yoshlik I field. We have done tremendous work in this direction: the volume of stripping operations on December 24 amounted to 21.4 million cubic meters of rock mass, compared with 2017, this figure increased six times. In total, from the beginning of the operation of the quarry, the volume of stripping operations amounted to 37.9 million cubic meters. The implementation of this investment project will not only double the production capacity of the plant, but also provide employment for almost 6,000 people.

This year is also remarkable for interesting undertakings in the integration of science, production and training at AMMC: several urgent projects on hard alloys and rare metals are being implemented at an NGO for the production of rare metals and hard alloys in Chirchik, and a joint Uzbek-Korean center for this has been opened direction, training continues for the mining and metallurgical industry with the involvement of teachers, students of Almalyk branches of NUST “MISiS” and Tashkent State Technical University to search for solutions to pressing issues of our technological and production processes.

Fulfillment of forecast indicators, ensuring a significant growth rate allowed the management of the plant and the management company SFI Management Group this year to increase wages and pay bonuses for the anniversary of the enterprise and the New Year.

Much has been done this year to improve working conditions. This is not only a reconstruction of production, but also repairs of household rooms, showers, dining rooms. And it should be noted that, feeling caring for themselves, people work with greater return.

Work continued on resolving urban social issues. In 2019, the plant commissioned 10 seven-story houses, the inhabitants of which were young workers of the enterprise. For their children, children's educational organizations are open here, the Yoshlik park has been built. Work continues on landscaping local areas, landscaping streets, paving roads.

Already today we are forming a backlog for next year. The delivery of heavy-duty dump trucks begins, which will increase the volume of stripping operations at Yoshilk, equipment continues to be supplied to modernize the MOF and the zinc plant, the TsRMZ machinery stock has been significantly expanded and continues to be updated. Large-scale works are being carried out at the plant, aimed both at ensuring today's high rates of production and the future for it, as well as at improving the well-being of workers and creating decent working conditions for them, rest, and recovery. Among the social projects whose implementation will begin in 2020, I note the construction of a specialized school with an in-depth study of the natural and exact sciences, as well as the construction of a shopping and entertainment center.

Dear colleagues, veterans, Almalyk residents!

New Year is the most joyful and long-awaited family holiday, which gives us the opportunity to get together with loved ones and relatives, to feel the warmth of lively communication, to outline plans for the future. And let the coming 2020 be full of interesting events, important achievements and happy moments!

On behalf of the SFI Management Group and the board of Almalyk MMC JSC, I wish you and your family good health, prosperity, peace and prosperity! Happy New Year 2020!


                                Chairman of the Board of Almalyk MMC 

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