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Balance of the work for 6 months of 2015

Following the most important priorities of the social and economic development program, the JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ staff has ensured the output of marketable products:

- in current prices – 1234.6 bln UzSums or 102.1 %;

- in comparable prices – 1193.7 bln UzSums or 101.6 %

The marketable product growth rate in comparable prices as against the relevant period of the year 2014 has been 106.8 %.

The amount of copper ore mined is 101.7 % against the target, treatment of copper raw material 102.6 % against the target, with the growth rate 103.0 %, copper product output 108.7 %, including that from domestic raw material 100.0 %, zinc metal 100.4 %, including from domestic raw material 100.5 %, refined gold 100.2 %, and refined silver 100.3 %.

As per the Exploration work program, the fulfillment of major physical volumes has been as follows: underground digging – 105.5 % against the plan (the growth rate 162.8 %), core well drilling – 100.2 % (the growth rate 122.2 %), ditch driving 100.2 %, the funds drawn –11.1 bln  Sum.

For the 6 months period of 2015, the volume of the exported products is 100.3 %.

Realization of the copper products through JSC ‘Uz RTSB’ stock trading for 6 months of 2015 has been 101.8 % against the target, and that of zinc metal – 100.3 % in comparison with the target.

For the purpose of the internal market saturation, the Complex has fulfilled the consumer goods plan 101.1 %, the growth rate being 101.6 %.

JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ is implementing 7 projects according to the republic of Uzbekistan’s Presidential Enactment No ПП-2264 dated 17.11.2014. The annual investment volume is 464.5 bln Sums.

The capital investment assimilation for 6 months of 2015 has come to 43.7 bln Sums or 100.5% against the prognostication, and the fund assimilation has been performed in the following way:

Items Description Target 
(mln sums)

Actual fulfilm. 

(mln sums)

Fulf., %
1 Construction of a new melting furnace at Copper smelter  255,6  260,5  101,9
2 Construction of the ‘Samarchuk’ Section’s underground mine on the basis of the current ‘Kyzyl-alma’ deposit 5763,0 5764,0  100,0 
Inclusion in mining operations the out of balance ore from the ‘Kalmakir’ deposit 255,6 304,4 119,1
Reconstruction of the crushing and grinding units of the Copper concentrator 26834,3 26851,1 100,1
Expansion of the Cement plant in the Dzhizak region 127,8  146,6  114,7 
6   Modernization of the Foundry and Machine-Assembly Departments at the Central repair and mechanical works      
Purchasing of the equipment instead of those depreciated 10222,6 10343,4 101,2
  TOTAL  43458,8 43669,9 100,5

In line with the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Presidential Enactment No ПП-2298 dd 11.02.2015 ‘On Localization Program for production of finished products, components and materials for the 2015-2019 period’, JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ is realizing 27 projects for a total amount of 67.0 bln Sums, and for the 6 months of 2015, the localized products were manufactured to the amount of 32.1 bln Sums or 138.0 % against the forecast.

At the International industrial fair, а supply agreement was concluded for spare parts and component materials totaling 118.9 bln Sums.

For the 6 months of 2015, components and spare parts were bought to the amount of 58.2 bln Sums or 101.0 % against the prediction.

According to the Republic of Uzbekistan’s President’s Enactment No ПП-2200 dd 3.07.2014, JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ is not listed in the State property privatization program.

In accord with the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers’ Enactment No 8 dd 22.01.2015 ‘On the extra measures for reduction of production expenditures and  production cost saving in the industry’, the Complex has developed the package of organizational and technical measures aimed at production cost cutting for the year 2015, stipulating the production price cut by 7.2 %.

The implementation of the package of measures aimed at the production cost reduction for the 6 months of 2015 has come to 82993 mln Sums or 9.2 % against the target of 5.6 %, including the production cost 70527 mln Sums or 7.8 % against 4.5 % respectively.

The Complex has developed the measures, directed towards improvement of management, financial and economical status, and monitoring aimed at cutting the accounts receivable and accounts payable.

The expected account payable as of 01.07.2015 is 149.4 bln Sums, the expected account receivable will come to 106.9 bln Sums, without creation of  past due debt.

There is no tax due and arrears of wages.

The Complex has the developed and approved measures for 2015, and their realization provide the expected fuel and energy resource saving for the 6 months of 2015 period as follows:

- load droppings during peak hours – 91 megawatts;

- electrical energy: prediction 55.2 mln kilowatt-hour;

- fuel: predicted 12.3 mln cu m;

- heat energy: predicted 6.67 th gigacalories.

Total heat and power resource saving comes for the overall amount of 12.5 bln Sums.

According to the 2015 Program for creation of new jobs, the creation of 251 new jobs was planned, including those on the industrial sector development 215 jobs.

During 6 months of 2015, 150 new jobs on the sector development have been created, which means 116.3 % against the prediction.

According to the labor technical training program, advanced training has been conducted for 2122 people; and 1071 engineers were retrained and professionally developed, including with a separation from production - 192 people.

95 people are being trained on the paid and contract basis. The expenditures for contracts payments totals 541 mln Sums.

JSC “Almalyk MMC’ has fulfilled the package of  measures on cooperation with six professional colleges assigned to the Complex, on strengthening the cooperation ties with the aim to arrange practical training of college-leavers. As per the measures, the Complex’ structural subdivisions render assistance in terms of fitting out of the training workshops and laboratories.

During the 6 month of 2015, in the Complex’ subdivisions, 1746 second-year students were trained, and 1502 third-year students of the professional colleges, assigned to the Complex,  underwent their pre-graduation practices.

For the period of 6 months of 2015, 87 people from them 60 graduates - special professional colleges and 27 university graduates are employed.

The Complex has worked out and approved a projects schedule for modernization and renewal    of 27 units of outdated and worn out equipment by modern one and tested in the world market – for a total amount of USD 6.7 bln. During the 6 months of 2015, 10 units of equipment have been substituted to the amount of USD 971 thousand.

The Complex implemented the measures directed to expansion of the use of power sources, to mastering the solar stations in the UE ‘Angren tube plant’ and the Tractor fleet  of the Motor Transport Administration. Commissioning the solar stations was made in June, 2015.

The Complex is performing the measures within the State Program ‘The Year of attention and care for the older generation’, which includes: rendering the material assistance to the World War II veterans and non-working pensioners; allocation of food packages, purchasing auxiliary rehabilitation technical tools; arranging health improvement in sanatoria and preventoriums, etc. at the amount of 4.3 bln Sums. During the period of 6 months of 2015, the expenditures to fulfill the measures has come to 1.9 bln Sums.

To meet the Complex workers’ needs and to saturate the City market with meat, diary and agricultural products, it has been produced for the 6 months period of 2015:

- agricultural products – 73.5 tons;

- meat products – 22.8 tons;

- dairy products – 987.7 tons

- fruits – 15 tons.

During the whole period the work has been carrying to master the system of report and monitoring the document execution within a given period, progress of on-site execution of the Laws, the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Presidential documents, and the Governmental decisions, according to the Complex’ activity plan the protocols are legalized with drawing the analytical references.

The work is carried out to analyze critically the execution of the own decisions, to reveal shortcomings, and to work out concrete measures to eliminate the errors.

The Complex performs regularly the work on consideration of the workers’ complaints and applications. During the 2015 6 months period, 95 written and 11 oral statements were received. 20 such statements were responded with taking appropriate measures, 83 were reacted by explanations, and 2 statements are pending.

The statements’ subjects are rendering material assistance, employment, medical treatment, and housing issues.

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