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Abdukadirov Abdujalil Abdukhalilovich

First Deputy Chairman of the management Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" - Chief Engineer


Was born in 1972 in Tashkent region.

Education – higher. In 1995 graduated from Tashkent State Technical University, specialty - metallurgy of non-ferrous metal. In 2007 graduated from Tashkent state law Institute, specialty - jurisprudence.

Labor activity:

1989-1990 - Executor of decoration works in energy workshop of Almalik chemical plant

1990-1995 - Student of Tashkent State Technical University

1995-1998 - Blower, foreman of main production site of JSC “Аlmalik MMC” copper-smelting plant metallurgic workshop blower division  

1998-2007 - Service in custom bodies (State Custom Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan)

2007-2007 - Leading engineer, leading specialist of foreign economic relations division of JSC “Аlmalik MMC”

2007-2014 - Chief Engineer of JSC “Аlmalik MMC” copper-smelting plant

2014-2015 - Deputy Chief Engineer of JSC “Аlmalik MMC” in production

2015-2016 - Deputy Khokim in industry development and entrepreneurship, Deputy Surkhandarya region khokim in industry development, capital construction, communication and public services

2016-2017  - First Deputy Surkhandarya region khokim in administration, coordination of law enforcement authorities, public authorities and youth policy

2017-2019 - Deputy Chief Engineer in technology – Head of JSC “Аlmalik MMC” technical division of technology and introduction of new products

2019 - to date - Acting first Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ - Chief Engineer


  • coordinates and organizes the interaction of subordinate structural units with other departments of the Plant in accordance with their functional responsibilities:
  • coordinates and controls the performance of the functional duties of the Deputy chief engineer, mining department, surveying department, geological department, technical department, production coordination department, chief power engineer service, chief mechanic service, labor protection and industrial safety department, environmental protection department, science and innovation department, transport and logistics department, and standardization and certification service, as well as other structural divisions, departments/services subordinate to the first Deputy Chairman of the Management Board - chief engineer according to the approval and organizational structure of the Plant;
  • coordinates the development of development programs at the Plant;
  • ensures the implementation of performance indicators at the Plant;
  • signs invoices, acts of completed works( services), acts of acceptance and/or transfer of goods (works, services), power of attorney for acceptance of inventory items, projects, estimates, calculations, specifications issued under contracts concluded by the Plant to ensure the activities and performance of functional tasks, structural units supervised by the first Deputy Chairman of the Management Board - chief engineer;
  • manages the production and technical activities of the Plant and signs
  • outgoing correspondence (except for agreements, contracts, and any other obligations) in the following areas: - development and implementation of new equipment, technologies, mechanization and automation of production processes with research, design and design organizations: - performance of contract works on repair, modernization of the main and auxiliary technological equipment of production divisions; - supply and use of electricity, natural gas, water, and other material and technical resources; - metrology, certification, diagnostics, inspection and maintenance, telecommunications, environmental expertise, development of environmental, technical, and other standards and specifications; - other actions related to the functions of structural divisions subordinate to the first Deputy Chairman of the Management Board - chief engineer.
  • For the period of temporary absence of the first Deputy Chairman of the Management Board – chief engineer, performs his powers, the first Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for localization, expansion of cooperation relations in industry and information technologies or other person appointed by temporary order of the Plant’s Chairman of the Board
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