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Copper Industry Cluster

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from June 24, 2021 No. PP-5159 “On additional measures for the development of mining and metallurgical industry and related industries” in the Republic of Uzbekistan is created scientific and technological cluster for the production of copper products and finished products with high added value in related industries, aimed at creating multi-level value chains “from raw materials to finished products”.

To ensure the effective implementation of the decisions taken, the above-mentioned Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 24, 2021 No. PP-5159 established a special commission headed by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A. Aripov.

The coordination of the work of the responsible ministries, departments and enterprises within the framework of the creation and development of the Copper Industry Cluster is entrusted to the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction.

Cathode copper produced by JSC “Almalyk MMC” will serve as a raw material for manufacturers of final products - participants of the Copper Industry Cluster (hereinafter referred to as the Cluster). At present, the annual production of cathode copper is 148.0 thousand tons. In the coming years, it is planned to increase the volume of copper production by several times.

Within the framework of the Cluster, the goal was set to bring the volume of deep processing of copper to 80%, with the release of final products with high added value.

Priority areas for the Cluster’s development are:

- production of end products from copper with high added value (cable and wire products, pipes, fittings, copper powder, spare parts and chargers for electric cars, elements of renewable energy sources, etc.);

- provision of cluster members with chemical reagents and substances, as well as equipment and mechanisms produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan;

- training, retraining and advanced training of personnel for the Cluster, as well as expanding the scale of experimental and design and scientific research in these areas.

In order to coordinate ongoing activities, make proposals on the strategy and main directions of the Cluster’s activities, the Copper Industry Cluster Development Service was established at JSC “Almalyk MMC”.

Within the framework of the cluster establishment and development work, JSC “Almalyk MMC” invites interested persons and companies to participate as cluster members.

In case of interest, please send your proposals in writing to the email address of JSC “Almalyk MMC”

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