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AMMC children’s health camps

With the purpose to provide children’s good recreation and health improvement during summer health-improving period, 5 children’s health-improving camps are functioning under AMMC:

- ‘Tong’             - Tashkent Region, Pskent District

- ‘Metallurg’       - Tashkent Region, Bostanlyksky District

- ‘Gulzor’           - Tashkent Region, Bostanlyksky District

- ‘Parvoz’           -  Surhandarya Region, Sariasinsky District.

- ‘Istiklol’           -  Dzhizak Region, Zaamisky District.

The camps were staffed with skilled personnel, young leaders were specially trained in the ‘Young leader school’, organized by TU committee under PCM.

To provide substantial recreation for children, according to the camps’ approved plans of the events, dedicated to the celebration of the jubilee anniversary, the following events are being held: calendar theme events, entertaining and informative quizzes, sport competitions, interesting discussions, disputes, best reader contests; and also ‘Enlightenment agitation’ centers functioned; a library worked with taking into account of children’s informative and entertaining interests; sports groups were organized on table tennis, checkers, basketball, swimming, volleyball; the circles functioned such as: music (choral singing; accordion, ‘rubabe’ and ‘doira’ playing), drawing, young readers, do-it-yourself, young talents, embroidery, clay modeling, etc.

The camps were fully provided with new banners and posters, children’s literature, educational and methodological aids, sports and stationery stocks, toys, TV sets, and DVD players and disks, allowed for children.

Special attention in the camps was paid to ensure safety for children, and also regarding  medicaments and food staff quality. The camps are provided in full and always with medicaments and other medicine items – as per approved sanitary and hygienic regulations. The children have three meals a day.

During the summer health-improving period, program events are held by activists of the ‘Kamolot’ public movement, performances with participation of the Republican ‘Young spectator theater, and meetings with honored sportsmen.

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