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Palace of culture “Metallurg”

The Palace of culture ‘Metallurg’s work aims to extend and improve national thinking and ideology, awaken the independence spirit, educate sound generation in the spirit of love to the country, have a good time culturally, and spend leisure-time usefully.

Palace of culture ‘Metallurg’ (PCM) has 26 amateur talent groups functioning, such as vocalism, choreography, fine arts, and circus, of which 16 are adult and 10 are children’s, attended by 590 children.

The PCM creative team and sections do much work: theme concerts dedicated to the Navruz holiday, International woman’s Day, Day of memorial and honors, Day of Uzbekistan’s miners and metallurgists, Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and New Year’s Eve celebration.

The PCM creative team maintains close contact not only with AMMC subdivisions but with the townspeople too. Creative meetings and recreation parties, disco club for the youth and town dwellers at the ‘Youth’ park became traditional. Joint events with the city’s comprehensive schools anв training colleges, theme concerts and parties are held at special school No. 6, boarding school No. 80, children’s homes in the Buka and Pskent towns. Active work and propaganda among young people and rising generation is carried out by ‘Manaviyat and Marifat’, with inviting clergy and security  persons of the city of Almalyk.

To support the work with young people, traditional festivals of folk arts are held, as well as contests ‘Miss AMMC’ and ‘Kombinat Guzali’, mind game ‘Zakovat’, and also the work has been revived on the cheerful and sharp-witted people quiz movement within AMMC shops and subdivisions.

PCM took an active part in preparation and holding festive jubilee relay races among AMMC shops and subdivisions, which were dedicated to the Republic of Uzbekistan Independence, where PCM’s amateur talent groups added to each concert program.

PCM teams took an active part for the current period in city, Region, Republican, and international festivals, competitions, and concerts.

Summary concert programs are held annually in the second quarter, prepared by PCM amateur talent teams.

PCM applies to AMMC TU Council’s structure, and holds joint mass cultural events directionally: folk festivals, New-Year’s Eve shows, jubilee parties, guest performance concerts in the health-improving children’s camps and field camp.

PCM, by its cultural and enlightenment work, greatly contributes to cultural spare time of the adults and children in our city, promotes improvement of their moral make-up, as well as all-round harmonic education. The events are held at a high level due to modern technical equipment and perfection of professionalism of  PCM workers themselves.

The PCM library serves JSC AMMC workers and their children and pensioners living locally. The service is done in the reading hall and by shuttle vehicles of the children’s health-improving camps ‘Tong’, ‘Metallurg’, ‘Istiklol’, and ‘Parvoz’. Mass-scale planned events are held within the Complex’ shops jointly with TU organizations.

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