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The Sanatorium-preventorium (SP) of JSC AMMC opened in 1970, being meant for 250 guests (both the adults and children). SP Is located in the center of the Almalyk city, Tashkent Region. The total area is about 5 hectares, the territory is planted with ornamental and fruit trees, flowers, and vineyard. SP consists of three buildings, combined into a single architectural complex with transition galleries. The guests are given double rooms, and improved ones have a TV set and refrigerator. Four meals a day and clinical nutrition are provided.

Treatment of cardiovascular and nervous diseases, female disorders, locomotors, and gastrointestinal disturbances is at a high level here.

SP is fit out with modern medical and diagnostic basis. For treatment the following are used: hyperbaric oxygenation, phytotherapy, hydroaeronotherapy, inhalatorium, functional diagnostics, acupuncture, manual and laser therapy, electrical therapy, high- and low-frequency equipment, phototherapy, magnet treatment, ozokerite, mud treatment, hydrotherapy (pearl and salt bathes), underwater douche massage, circular and rising douche, Charcot’s douche, underwater skeleton extract, massage, and medical gymnastics. To diagnose and treatment are used: computer electrocardiogram and UZD, backbone computer extract, intestinal irrigation, laser therapy, and also therapist, dentist, and gynecologist consultations are available. The swimming pool, sauna, training hall, and comfortable dining hall are at the guests’ disposal. There are the library, reading room, and table games. Concerts and recreation parties are organized with the participation of the Palace of culture ‘Metallurg’ (PCM) amateur talent groups.

Close to SP, there are the swimming pool, sports club, Palace of culture, children’s park ‘Olesya’, Youth park, ‘Oltin-Olma’ square, and aqua park.

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