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Program of localization

In 2024, implementation of 268 projects for the total amount 1,502. billion UZS is planned at Almalyk MMC JSC within the framework of the Localization Program for the production of finished products, components and materials; production of localized products worth 1,263.4 billion UZS is planned under new 157 projects according to the localization program for 2024 where for expanded projects the forecast was 238.9 billion UZS, including: 

- spare parts made of steel and cast iron – 78.6 billion UZS;

- customized equipment – 3.2 billion UZS;

- spare parts for milling equipment – 102.9 billion UZS;

- pumps and spare parts for pumps – 26.5 billion UZS;

- spare parts for crushing equipment – 37.3 billion UZS;

- spare parts for mining equipment - 14.2 billion UZS;

-  metal structures (reconstruction of MOF-3)  – 468.0 billion UZS;

- products of advanced processing of local raw materials (zinc oxide, molybdenum and tungsten metal, drill bits, products based on rare metals and hard alloys, etc.) – 229.9 billion UZS;

- conveyor rollers – 52.3 billion UZS;

- emulsion explosives – 215.0 billion UZS;

- chemically resistant new products – 80.0 billion UZS;

- new copper products – 164.7 billion UZS;

- mechanical repair sections – 29.7 billion UZS;

The production of localized products is carried out in the following subdivisions of the Complex:

- Central Mechanical Repair Plant;

- Scientific Production Association for the production of rare metals and hard alloys;

- Zinc processing plant;

- Copper smelting plant.

- MOF-3;

- Explosive material plant;



- Mechanical repair sections.

In recent years the Complex has put into operation the following facilities for production of localized products:

Workshop for the production of mining equipment;

Zinc Sulfate production section;

Zamak production section;

Packaged explosive production section;

Section for the production of centrifugal and axial fans;

Zinc oxide production section;

Refined gold and silver production section;

Section for the production of products made of rare metals and hard alloys, etc.

In order to increase the volume of localized product production it is planned to establish in the near future:

- a joint venture at the premises of explosive material plant for the production of non-electric blast initiation systems.

- a joint venture at the premises of “DIT-AGMK” in which the production of various modern chemically resistant geocomposite products was mastered and their production was arranged. Production of polymer concrete baths.

- a machine-building plant in the industrial zone of Almalyk MMC JSC

- a joint venture for the production of spare parts for heavy-duty dump trucks.

- a joint venture for the production of copper products with high added value.

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