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Program of localization

In order to create a coherent system of development of high-tech industries in the country, comprehensive support to actively attract investment, the development of a wide range of products in demand, expanding industrial cooperation and increasing export capacity of the republic, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted the Order No. ПП-99 dated January 24, 2022.

In 2022, at JSC Almalyk MMC, within the framework of the Program for localization of manufacture of finished products, components and materials, it is planned to implement 97 projects for a total amount of UZS 208,7 billion, including:

  • steel and iron casting spare parts – UZS 71.1 billion;
  • non-standard equipment – UZS 12.8 billion;
  • spare parts for GRAT and GRT pumps - UZS 1.3 billion;
  • spare parts for crushing equipment – UZS 8.0 billion;
  • spare parts for mill equipment – UZS 30.2 billion;
  • spare parts for excavators – UZS 2.7 billion;
  • products from deep processing of local raw materials (zinc oxide, molybdenum and metal tungsten, boring bits, products based on rare metals and hard alloys) – UZS 67.1 billion;
  • various types of products (ceramic crucibles, acid-resistant powder, thermocouple, etc.) – UZS 15.5 billion.

 Implementation of the Localization Program will allow saving USD 19.2 million of foreign currency.

The release of localized products shall be carried out in the following divisions of the plant:

  • Central repair and mechanical plant;
  • Scientific and production association for the production of rare metals and hard alloys;
  • Zinc plant.

 To organize the manufacture of localized products, in recent years the plant has launched:

  • Angren pipe plant;
  • Mining equipment production workshop;
  • Zinc sulfate production site;
  • Zamak alloy production site;
  • Cartridge explosive production site;
  • Centrifugal and axial fans production site;
  • Zinc oxide production site;
  • Rare metal and hard alloy items production site, etc.


 In order to increase the output of localized products in the near future, it is envisaged:

  • to perform modernization of the central repair and mechanical plant, which will allow mastering the production of new types of spare parts and components for mining, crushing and grinding equipment purchased on import.
  • to create a joint venture on the basis of an explosives plant for the production of non-electrical initiation systems.
  • creation of an engineering plant in the industrial zone of “Almalyk MMC” JSC.


Information on the projects for localization of manufacture of finished products, components and materials is given in the appendix.

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