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Sports Complex

The main task of the ‘Metallurg’ sports club is to introduce physical training and sports into everyday life of the workers, employees and their families’ members; to spread national sports; to hold health-improving and sporting events; to popularize actively the healthy life-style and sickness rate reduction among the workers and young people.

For effective use of the sports buildings for the sports classes and Health groups studies, on the ground of the Charter of the JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ workers Trade-Union, and jointly with the Trade-Union Council, the Sports Committee organizes paid services for the inhabitance (a gym, a swimming pool, sports classes), holds sports contests, sports and fitness events, training sessions, diverse competitions according to the approved Regulations, prepares rated athletes, Candidate Masters of Sports, and Masters of Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Also, the ‘Metallurg’ Sports Committee, together with the makhalla (local authorities) committees, arranges sports and mass events;  organizes - on a voluntary basis – groups, trainer councils, judicial assemblies, and carries out training of sports personnel; renders assistance to comprehensive schools, colleges, children’s homes, children’s health camps, and hostels of the Complex to arrange the mass sports and health-improving work.

The ‘Metallurg’ Sports Complex has 58 functioning classes on the following different kinds of sports: handball, basketball, football, the Kurash wrestling, freestyle wrestling, table tennis, athletics, power lifting, boxing, tae kwon do, swimming, volleyball, tennis court, chess, cycle racing, and karate-do. The total number of those, attending the central sports classes of the ‘Metallurg’ Sports Complex, is over 800 people.       

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