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Dividend disbursement

Information on accrued and paid dividends on shares of Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Company based on the results of financial and economic activities per 2019-2021.


according to the results of 2020

according to the results of 2021

according to the results of 2022

Amount, Soums

Amount, Soums

Amount, Soums


For payment of dividends, total

1 972 465 662 310

4 886 800 000 000

6 672 646 608 000




on common shares (state share)

1 970 264 469 310

4 878 000 000 000

6 663 841 837 988


Per one common share

12 151,75

6 510,40

10 996,14


% of par





on preference shares

2 201 193 000

8 804 770 012

8 804 770 012


Per one preferred share





% of par  





The nominal value of one share, UZS (at the time of the decision-making)

3 914

3 914

3 914

A dividend is a portion of the company's net profit distributed among the shareholders.

(Article 48 of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Joint Stock Companies and Protection of Shareholder Rights");

Dividends are income that is payable on shares; part of the net profit and/or retained earnings of previous years, distributed by a legal entity between its founders (participants, members by their shares, interests, deposits);

income from distribution of property as a result of liquidation of a legal entity, as well as when the founder (participant, member) withdraws the share (interest, contribution) of participation in a legal entity, less the value of the property contributed by the founder (participant, member) as a contribution to the statutory fund capital);

income of the shareholder, founder (participant, member) of the legal entity, received in the form of the value of additional shares, increase in the value of the share (interest, contribution) in case of sending undistributed profits to increase the statutory fund (authorized capital); (Article 22 of "Tax Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan").

To shareholders - individuals - payment of dividends in cash or crediting them to a bank (plastic) card of AKIB "Mortgage-Bank" will be carried out no later than sixty days from the date of the decision.

Form of payment of dividends: cash through the cash desk of the Almalyk branch of AKIB "Mortgage-Bank", non-cash by transfer to plastic cards.

Registrar of the service:  (responsible for preferred shareholders): Tatyana Valeryevna Chistopolova

Phone: +998 70 61 9 52 82

E-mail: :

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