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Chadak gold-extraction plant

The gold refining plant is part of the Chodak Mining Department and has the capacity to process 180,000 tons of gold ore per year. Gold-bearing ores from Pirmirob and Guzaksoy mines are processed at the factory.


Chodak gold refining factory was commissioned in 1970.

Over the last ten years, at the gold refining plant, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages of the tailings storage warehouse were reconstructed, and the pipelines No 1 (2010, 2015, 2020) were replaced with a new one, a tailings warehouse equipped with an automatic tailings transfer device and a hazardous liquid storage warehouse was built. Perimeter signaling of the OSF area was created (2007), PMT-70 was replaced with a new one at OSF (No. 59-13, 2012), outdated windows of the Western part of the OSF building were replaced. Video surveillance was installed in OSF departments, the areas around the main building were reconstructed and landscaped.

Ore processing and beneficiation of mineral raw materials

Chodak OSF receives quartz-carbonate ore. The main industrially valuable components in the ore are gold and silver. Gold and silver, chemical and spectral analysis of the following chemical elements in the ore: lead, copper, zinc, iron, cadmium, cobalt, tungsten, tin, bismuth, arsenic, beryllium, sodium, germanium, vanadium, molybdenum, titanium, antimony were found. All of the above elements, due to their low content, are not important at the independent industrial level and are not used as related components.

Director: Abdulkhametov  Akhmadzhon Abdulmazhitovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


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