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Copper concentrator plant

Copper beneficiation plant - Kalmokgyr copper-molybdenum ore, copper-molybdenum concentrate of the 2nd copper beneficiation plant processes copper-molybdenum concentrate, zinc plant cakes and flux ores of the Angren Mining Department and the Kovuldi mine.

The copper beneficiation factory is one of the main enterprises of "Almalyk MMC" JSC.

The factory site is located 28 km from Piskent district and 5.2 km from Almalyk city. The factory is located on the same site as the copper smelter.

History of the factory

The process of studying copper-molybdenum ores began in 1932. In 1947, "Giprosvetmet" (Moscow) institute started the work of drawing up a project for the construction of the complex.

In 1949, the Giprosvetmet (Moscow) institute carried out experiments on Almalyk mining ores.

In 1950, the construction of a large combine began in Almalyk.

In 1953, the "Mechanobr" Institute (Leningrad) developed a project assignment for the construction of an enrichment plant, and later this project was approved in 1956, including several amendments.

In 1958, the "Mechanobr" (Leningrad) institute developed a technical passport.

In June 1961, the first section of the copper concentrator was commissioned, followed by four sections during 1962. The fifth section was commissioned in 1970, sections 6-9 in 1965-1967.

In 1973-1974, the reconstruction works of sections 1-4 were completed, and the production capacity was equal to the processing of 3.7 million tons of ore.

The reconstruction works of sections 6-9 corresponded to 1983.

In 1986-1988, the "Mechanobr" (Leningrad) institute commissioned the 2nd crushing and beneficiation complex for the processing of sulfide and oxide ores in the volume of 2.5 sections, designed to process 8.8 million tons of ore. However, due to the fact that the construction works of the technological complex intended for the processing of oxidized ores were not completed, a semi-section with 2 mills was assigned to the processing of sulphide ores.

In 1992, the 1st monosection was commissioned, and in 1995, the 2nd monosection was commissioned. FMR-6,3 fleet vehicles were replaced by FPM-16 fleet vehicles during the reconstruction of the fleet of the 1st site.

From May 2004 to December 2005, technical re-equipment works were carried out at the 2nd site. At the expense of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th sections, the 3rd and 4th monosections were created, and the FPM-12,5 fleet vehicles were replaced by SP ZAO "IVS" RIF-45 and RIF-25 fleet vehicles.

From September to December 2010, technical re-equipment works were carried out in sections 10-12. As a result of the merger of these sections, the 5th monosection was formed.

The 6th monosection was commissioned in the area of the former 5th section of the 1st plot. During the reconstruction, SP ZAO "IVS" RIF-45 and RIF-25 fleet vehicles were put into operation.

Dates of commissioning of new monosections:

- 5th monosection in November 2010;

- 6th monosection in December 2010.

On the basis of the Decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the works "Reconstruction of Copper Enrichment Factory crushing and grinding units" were carried out.

By the end of the first phase in February 2013, 2 phase 2 mills were commissioned in Section 11 of the 2nd MBM.

Later, in order to standardize production capacity and reduce costs, a number of measures were implemented on the basis of the program of modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of "Almalyk MMC" JSC for 2009-2015, approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In December 2016, according to the project, the crushing and grinding unit of the crushing and grinding unit with the jaw crusher PEJ 1521 (ShDP 15x21), the semi-self-crushing mill MMPS-9500x5400 and 2 ball mills MShS-5800x8100 was put into operation as part of the project.

Since October 2016, 3 KA400/1600-Z1.1 press filters have been installed in order to re-equip the filtering and drying section of the copper-molybdenum concentrate sorting and drying shop. The filter-pressing section with a production capacity of 100 t/h was commissioned in February 2017.

The main departments of the factory:

- Planning department;

- Production technical department;

- Department of labor and labor remuneration;

- Accounting;

- Chief mechanical department;

- Main energy department;

- MM and XT department.

Main workshops:

- Grinding shop No 1;

- 2nd crushing and beneficiation complex;

- Crushing and flotation shop;

- Sorting and drying shop for copper-molybdenum concentrates;

- Industrial waste disposal workshop.

Support workshops/services:

- Specialized repair assembly shop;

- Repair-mechanics section;

- Service of management of technological processes in an automated system;

- Energy shop;

- Farm plot.

To date, in accordance with the order of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 30, 2018 No. PF-3954 "On standardization of production capacities and implementation of reconstruction works at Almaliq KMK" JSC, sorting of copper-molybdenum concentrates and Larox PF press filters were put into use in the drying workshop. Project documents were developed by OOO NIIPI "TOMS" of Russia, and a number of technical re-equipment works were completed in accordance with these project documents.

Also, in the grinding complex No 1, the GIT-51N grinders before the medium grinders were replaced with modern SHR-18-8,5x2 grinders. KSD 2200Gr grinders were replaced by modern KSD-220Gr-D1M grinders. The GIT-51N cartridges before the small grinders were replaced with modern SMR-19-6,8x2 cartridges. KMD 2200T grinders were replaced by modern KMD-2200T1-D1M grinders.

Modern crushers SHR-24-10.5x2.3 (3 units) were installed before the 2nd crushing and enrichment complex. GIST-71 (9 units) prior to the grinding process were replaced by modern SMR-25-12.4x2.9 (9 units). In addition to the existing 5 pieces of KMD-3000T crushers, new high production capacity KMD-3000T2-D1P-M 2 cone crushers were installed. New Derrick Stack Sizer 2SG48-60W-5STK for obsolete hydrocyclones on route 5. The works of replacement of Galvirs have been carried out.

In the crushing and flotation workshop, a new crushing line was put into operation with MShR 4.5x6.0 mills in the first stage and MShS 4.5x6.0 mills in the second stage. Corroded and unsatisfactory hydrocyclones were replaced with new automated pump-hydrocyclones.

Description of the product produced by the copper enrichment factory

The copper beneficiation plant produces copper and molybdenum products, and the requirements for these products are determined on the basis of TIK (technical economic indicators) approved by the head of the organization every year. Copper concentrate is a finished product of Copper Enrichment Factory and is sent to a copper smelter for processing.

The primary production capacity of the copper beneficiation plant was 39,600 thousand tons per year, including crushing shop No. 1 (sections 1-9) - 29,800 thousand tons, crushing and enrichment complex 2 (sections 10-12) - 9,800 thousand tons.

In 1990, the annual production capacity was changed to 29,120 thousand tons due to the 20% negative rate of crushing of ores (experimental work on the crushing rate was carried out by the "Mechanobr" Institute)

Currently, Copper Enrichment Plant’s annual production capacity is 37.5 million tons, including:

- Grinding shop No. 1 22 million tons per year;

- 2nd crushing and enrichment complex 9.5 million tons per year;

- Crushing and grinding unit 6 million tons per year.

Copper concentrate in the form of botana is the final product of the enrichment process of copper-molybdenum ores of the Kalmokgyr and Sari-chokki mines.

Final finished product Ts 00193950-013 "Copper concentrate. Technical requirements" (Russian edition) and Ts 00193950-050 "Molybdenum industrial product. Technical requirements" (in the Russian version) are concentrates produced on the basis of organization standards.

Director: Sidikov Ravshan Mirzabekovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


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