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Production of hard alloys

Research and manufacturing association for production of rare metals and hard alloy metals

Research and Manufacturing Association for the production of rare and hard metals was established on the basis of JSC UzFRHRM (Uzbek Factory of Refractory and Heat Resistant Metals), as a result of its reorganization and merger with JSC Almalyk MMC as a structural unit since November 1, 2016, in accordance with No.PP-2573 Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 10 August 2016.

Type of activity:

  • Production of tungsten and molybdenum products in the form of oxides, powders, rods and briquettes for the alloying of iron and steel;
  • Production of tungsten and molybdenum products with high added value in the form of wires of different cross sections, molybdenum round and flat rolled products, alloys of refractory metals, single crystals of tungsten, molybdenum and rhenium, obtained by powder metallurgy;
  • Production of pure metals, alloys and composite powders;
  • Production of carbide products and tools;
  • Production of industrial ceramic products - refractory fireclay bricks, acid-resistant bricks and nozzles, locking products, ceramic muffles and tubes, aluminous cement.

Enterprise capacities allow to:

  • process the cinder of the molybdenum middling products, with subsequent production of molybdenum metal by powder metallurgy, with a molybdenum content of more than 96.0%, and value-added molybdenum products (rods, plates, rods, wire);
  • process tungsten concentrate with the release of tungsten metal by powder metallurgy method, with a tungsten content of more than 96.0%;
  • ensure the production of tungsten carbide and carbide products.

The cinder of the molybdenum middling products and tungsten concentrate pass through in-depth processing at the existing facilities of the Scientific Production Association and more than 10 types of value-added products are produced, such as:

  • molybdenum oxide;
  • molybdenum stems and briquettes;
  • tungsten anhydride;
  • wolfram carbide;
  • tungsten bricks and briquettes;
  • hard alloys and mixtures;
  • products from hard alloys in the form of plates, inserts, cutters, bushings and fibers;
  • tungsten electrodes, carbide tipped drills, tungsten-copper contacts;
  • other types of tungsten containing products.


  • carrying out applied research and new developments for the production of molybdenum and tungsten products;
  • study, introduction and industrial development of modern advanced technologies for the processing of rare metals;
  • obtaining pure metals, alloys and composite powders;
  • ensuring the growth of production volumes due to an increase in the load on existing production capacities;
  • production of molybdenum and tungsten products with high added value by deep processing of rare metals;
  • expansion of the nomenclature and increase of export potential.

Director: Аsadov Ilhom Sodikovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09



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