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Energy politics

“Almalyk Mining and Metallurgy Complex” Joint-Stock Company it’s a modern enterprise, which is the largest producer and supplier of copper, zinc and precious metals in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As an energy-intensive enterprise, “Almalyk MMC” JSC strives to increase the energy efficiency of the enterprise through rational use of energy resources, continuous improvement of technological processes, implementation of energy-saving technologies, and reduction of specific rates of consumption of energy resources.

In order to achieve continuous improvement in energy performance and reduce our environmental impact, understanding our responsibility to our stakeholders, including government agencies, society, consumers, employees and shareholders, the Complex senior management and energy management team make the following commitments:

  • To continuously improve and enhance the effectiveness of the energy management system (EMS);
  • To improve the energy performance of the complex;
  • To ensure compliance with current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of energy efficiency, energy use and consumption;
  • To ensure the availability of information and necessary resources to achieve the complex energy goals and objectives;
  • To ensure the purchase of energy-efficient products and services that affect the energy performance of the complex;
  • To take into account the energy efficiency of equipment and processes in the design.

The main tasks for achieving the commitments made are:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of production, reducing the loss of energy resources to maximize profits;
  • Strict compliance with the annually approved specific norms of energy resources consumption for the production of industrial products;
  • Introduction of energy-saving technologies and equipment in the modernization and optimization of production, equipment, systems, technological and business processes;
  • Fostering a psychology and culture of careful energy consumption among all employees of the plant, using motivation and incentives;
  • Strict control over the rational use of all types of fuel and energy and material resources;
  • Development and implementation of organizational and technical measures to save energy resources, reduce the cost of production and the cost of production;
  • Involvement of all employees of the plant in activities to improve energy efficiency.

The efficient use of electricity, natural gas, heat, water and other resources should become the norm for each employee of the plant.

Only the common efforts of everyone - from the Chairman of the Complex Management Board to each individual manager, specialist, and worker - will make it possible to successfully solve the energy-saving tasks.

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