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Authorized capital

The JSC statutory fund is formed of the assessed value of property and other assets of the transformed government enterprise, divided equally as nominal value of the JSC shares, acquired by shareholders.

The amount of the company’s authorized fund is 2 164 182 732 726 ,00  sum which is divided into 552 933 759  pieces of capital stocks and:

- Government share - 98,37%, 2 128 963 652 678,00  sum which is divided into 543 935 527  pieces of capital stocks (placed);

- Individuals and legal entities’ share - 1,63%, 35 219 080 048,00 (Thirty-five billion two hundred nineteen million eighty thousand forty-eight) sum which is divided into  8 998 232 pieces of preferred stocks (placed);

The authorized capital of the company may be increased by placing additional shares in accordance with the procedure established by law and this Charter.

The Company has published common and preferred cashless capital stocks in the amount of 615 014 895 pieces on which owner’s name is written of which the rate value of each is 3 914 sum, including:

- 606 016 663 pieces of common  capital stocks on which owner’s name is written;

- 8 998 232 pieces of preferred capital stocks on which owner’s name is written.

The Company shall be entitled to place additionally 391 850 540 pieces of announced common capital stocks, which is rate value is 3 914 sum in the total amount of 1 533 703 013 560 sum and 15 746 906 pieces of preferred capital stocks for an amount of 61 633 390 084.

Every participant of the JSC, after having taken possession of the share, gets the rights and duties, implied by this charter, and subsequently is named ‘shareholder’.


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