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Active participants of technological processes

20 April 2023, 15:41 1444

The main task of the industrial water supply shop is the uninterrupted supply of industrial water to the production units of Almalyk MMC JSC. And he does his job well.

The staff of the industrial water supply shop did an excellent job last year, having fulfilled all the predicted indicators. So, in 2022, 241999433 cubic meters of water were supplied to the facilities of the plant. Of which, the supply of technical (fresh) water amounted to 83413286 cubic meters, the rest is recycled. The drillers drilled seventeen wells at the united tailings dump of copper concentrating mills MOF and MOF-2, in the area of the water utility, in sections No. 1, 2, 7 and as part of the Yashil Makon program. Thirty-seven wells were also cleaned in these areas. In addition, the workers of the industrial water supply shop carried out drilling work to open ten piezometric wells at the united tailings dump of the copper concentrating mills, to monitor the indicators of the land formation. Certain work in this direction is planned for this year as well. To date, ten wells have already been cleaned in section No. 2 and seven wells in section No. 1.

At pumping stations, measures are taken to save fuel and energy resources. Thus, due to the introduction of frequency converters installed on pumping units located at the pumping stations of the industrial water supply shop, 15,955,844 kWh were saved last year.

According to the decrees of the President of Uzbekistan “On measures to expand the production capacities of Almalyk MMC JSC on the basis of the Yoshlik I deposit” dated 01.03.2017, “On measures to accelerate the process of modernizing production capacities” dated 01.03.2017 and “On additional measures to expand the production of non-ferrous and precious metals on the basis of the deposits of Almalyk MMC JSC dated May 26, 2020, a lot of work continues to expand existing and build new capacities for the production of precious metals, determined by the Program, providing for an additional amount of water for the technological and drinking needs of the MOF-3 under construction. At present, 39 wells have been drilled at the Karakhtai-Akhchi water intake, and 40 wells have been drilled at the Kultepa water intake for the production of technical (fresh) water. The laying of water conduits and the construction of a pumping station of the third lift are in full swing. This is done by the Enter Engineering company, the work is controlled by the leading specialists of our workshop, who in the future will be engaged in the maintenance of water conduits, wells and a pumping station.

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