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AMMC: the Forecast Indicators have been Realized

06 February 2023, 10:29 1520

Despite the unfavorable weather conditions that were observed in our country in January, the workforce of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex managed to fulfill the forecast indicators.

For January 2023, the forecast for the production of marketable products was fulfilled by 102.6%. Also, tasks were completed for the production of copper sulfate, selenium, tellurium, ammonium perrhenate, palladium powder, molybdenum trioxide.

In the context of structural divisions: the forecast for the processing of copper raw materials at the copper concentrator-2 was fulfilled by 100.4%, and by 125% for the content of copper in concentrate.

The staff of the zinc plant completed the tasks for the production of zinc from its own raw materials by 101.9%, sulfuric acid – by 100.4%.

Workers of underground mines also completed the previous month with good results.

In particular, the employees of the Angren Mine Administration fulfilled the forecast for the extraction of gold-bearing ore by 101.8%, for its processing – by 101%. The tasks for the content of the first and second metals in the concentrate were also fulfilled (103.7% and 129.9%).

The staff of the Chadak Mine Administration achieved high results. Thus, the forecast for the content of the first metal was fulfilled by 100.1%, and the second metal – by 155.3%. Mining and processing of gold-bearing ore has also been carried out.

The following results were noted by the employees of the Kauldy mine: extraction of gold-bearing ore – 109.7%, its processing – 114.4%. It should be noted that the forecast for the content of the first metal was fulfilled by 116.2%, and the second metal - by 120.3%.

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