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AMMC received a patent for an invention in the field of nanotechnology for the first time

07 November 2023, 8:37 1167

Scientists and specialists of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex became the owners of another patent for an invention - a method for producing tungsten nanopowder for adding to hard alloys.

This method is used in powder metallurgy and in the production of nanopowders. The use of this technology will increase the strength of alloys by 16%.

In hard alloys, strength is a critical parameter. The new technology prevents the destruction of the alloy under load (pressure). Nanopowders are used to activate the recrystallization process of hard alloys.

Today, this method, the patent for which is fully owned by AMMC, is used in the production of hard alloys in the structural division of AMMC, located in Chirchik.

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