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To work for the good of the Motherland and your people!

20 May 2023, 15:47 1841

Dear workers of the Complex, citizens of Almalyk!

With all my heart I congratulate you with your professional holiday Day of Mining and Metallurgy Workers!

We’ve come to this holiday this year with new results and perspectives. Thanks to the initiative of our Head of State Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the Complex’s team is implementing a grand project - the development of the Yoshlik I deposit. A new railroad lines, contact networks and supply lines of the double track crossing of the station junction “Almalyksayskiye dumps” and the line “668 Raziezd” - station “Otvalnaya” had been already put into operation and a new access railroad track at Copper Concentrator-3 was built as part of this project. External water supply and sewage facilities with the accompanying infrastructure of the Yoshlik I quarry were put into operation here. A new core storage facility was built to store geological samples from the Yoshlik I deposit at the ore processing area of the Kauldy mine, as well as a building for mechanical assembly shop No. 2 of the CMRP. The mining equipment shop of the CMRP was expanded.

Dedicated work is underway to ensure the start-up of the first process line of Copper Processing Plant No. 3, scheduled for September of this year. The commissioning of this facility, which processes about 60 million tons of ore per year and produces 1 million tons of copper concentrate, will allow us to reach a whole new level. 

The project to build a new metallurgical complex with an annual capacity of 300 thousand tons of copper cathode is being prepared at an accelerated pace.

At the same time, work began on the design of the 4th copper concentrator with an annual processing capacity of 60 million tons of ore, including the determination of the locations of the main and auxiliary facilities, utilities and tailings pond.

Exploration work is underway to fully restore operations at the Uch-Kulach lead-zinc mine in Jizzakh region. All of these ambitious projects will not only significantly increase production, but also provide thousands of people with jobs.

At present, our prospects are not only related to production. AMMC became attractive to investors as an enterprise that provides production with deep processing. The world’s leading research institutes cooperate with us in the field of obtaining pure rare-earth metals, topical alloys. Links with companies, banks, educational institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany are being expanded.

Simultaneously with the development of the plant, the town is developing, new jobs are being created and more comfortable living conditions for citizens are being formed. This year alone, the plant has asphalted thousands of square meters of roads and adjacent and domestic areas, planted hundreds of thousands of flowers, seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees under the program “Yashil makon”. A huge area of our activity is aimed at the reconstruction and construction of social facilities.

This can be confirmed by the facilities that we put into operation on the eve of our professional holiday. These include the 7th monosection at the copper concentrator, Stage 1 of the molybdenum section, the 5th furnace at the Rare Metal Shop of the Copper Smelter, the cooling tower, the opening of the work camp and the directorate building for the Yoshlik I deposit project office. And at the same time - after reconstruction - the field of AMMC sports complex, medical and sanitary unit “Rangli Metallurgy” are being opened, reconstruction of the maternity complex is completed.

Assessing what has been done over the past two or three years, we can say with confidence that all this was possible only for true professionals, ultimate professionals, united in a common desire to achieve their goals. And only such a team can fulfill the tasks set by the Government of the country. The plant has a very promising future, a lot of premises for the future, to which we come closer every day of our work.

I also take this opportunity to congratulate the entire workforce of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex on their holiday - Day of Mining and Metallurgy Workers! All the noble deeds we do, assistance to veterans, reconstruction and repair of health care and public education facilities, social institutions, urban improvement works - it is attributable to all the employees of our team.

Today we not only ensure stable fulfillment of all forecast indicators of industrial activity, implementation of investment projects important for the republic, but also actively participate in large-scale positive transformations going on in all spheres of the country in the Year of care about the human and quality education.

I thank everyone for their selfless and diligent work, for the trust that the country’s leadership gives to us, for the confidence that we will definitely cope with the tasks assigned to us!

I wish health, happiness, well-being and prosperity to you and your families! May there always be persistence in achieving goals, knowledge, and hard work to serve our Motherland!



Chairman of the Board of JSC Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex,

senator of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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