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Orudzhov Uzeir Soleh Ogly

Deputy Chief Engineer in Mining of JSC "Almalyk MMC"


Born in 1960 in the Republic of Armenia.

Higher education. In 1981, graduated the Azerbaijanian oil and gas institute. Specialty be education – techniques and comprehensive mechanization of underground mining.

Labor activity

1981-1991 y - underground mining attendant at the section No. 3, senior attendant, No. 1 section Chief, No. 5 section Chief in the underground pit ‘Kochbulak’ of the production association ‘Uzbekzoloto’ under the Angrensky gold mine

1991-1992 y - attendant at the ‘Takhtarovka’ underground pit of the ‘Yenbek’ prospectors cooperative under the ‘Kazzoloto’ ore-dressing and processing enterprise

1992-1999 y - chief, chief engineer of the ‘Gornaya’ underground mine, chief engineer of the ‘Zarnitsa’ prospectors cooperative under the production association ‘Uzbekzoloto’

1999-2001 y - Chief Engineer of the Angrensky gold mine under the ‘Uzalmazzoloto’ association

2001-2002 y - Director of the Angrensky gold mine under the ‘Uzalmazzoloto’ association

2002-2007 y - Deputy Technical Director, Mining, of JSC “Almalyk MMC’

2007 – up to date Deputy Chief Engineer, Mining, of JSC “Almalyk MMC’


  • Ensuring the fulfillment of industrial projection by JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’ mines relative to ore and metal mining, as well as to stripping, shaft-sinking and tunneling  and exploration works according to prescribed directions;
  • Ensuring the implementation of capital investment by the mines at a stated time;
  • Preparation of the raw material base and its further development;
  • Increase of technological level at the mines;
  • Utmost enhancement of labor productivity and production efficiency on the basis of maximal utilization of the inner resources, every kind of production intensification, and introduction of advanced processes;
  • Increase of quality of the ore mined;
  • Prime cost reduction of the ore mining and stripping work. 
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