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QMC and certificates

“Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Company” JSC is Uzbekistan’s largest producer and supplier of copper, zinc and precious metals, constantly working to improve production efficiency, expanding the mineral resource base and the sustainable development of production capacity. By implementing modern corporate governance methods that meet the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015, as well as by complying with internal requirements, we achieve an increase in ore mining, production of non-ferrous, precious and rare metals, as well as other competitive products that are in stable demand in the domestic and foreign markets.

Stable high quality of products is the basis for further development of the Company, leadership in the domestic and world markets, improvement of economic situation. 

Our key principles: 

  • Quality management and improvement of customer satisfaction of goods and services, concentrating efforts to meet their requirements and expectations;
  • Leadership at all levels of the organization provides unity of purpose and direction for the organization and creates an environment in which employees work together effectively to achieve the organization’s quality goals;
  • Competent, empowered, and collaborative employees at all levels enhance the effectiveness of the quality management system;
  • The effective and efficient achievement of quality goals is ensured when the company’s activities are managed and analyzed as interrelated and interdependent processes functioning as a single connected system;
  • Maintaining and sustaining current levels of performance, responding to changes related to internal and external conditions, and creating new opportunities for continuous improvement;
  • Making decisions based on the analysis and assessment of data and information, taking into account the risks to achieve the goals set;
  • Establishment of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and all stakeholders; 

The Company’s management, in its quality assurance activities, has defined the following strategic goals, commitments and objectives for 2021-2024: 

  • Expansion of the mineral resource base and the development of new deposits of ores of non-ferrous and rare metals;
  • Improvement of environmental performance and reduction of harmful emissions into the environment;
  • Modernization and diversification of production in order to ensure high and stable growth rates of production;
  • Increase in the volume of product exports, including through the development of new markets;
  • Reducing the cost of production and improving the quality of products;
  • Deepening the processes of localization of production, import substitution and saturation of the domestic market with necessary goods and components;
  • Expansion of inter-sectoral industrial cooperation based on the priority use of products of domestic producers;
  • Organization of scientific-research works, including in the framework of the program for applied research in the field of non-ferrous, precious, rare metals and hard alloys, participation in the development and implementation of new technologies and innovative developments;
  • Introduction of modern information and communication technologies and software products, optimization of costs and expenses;
  • Strengthening of personnel potential of the Company, improvement of professional skill of technical and administrative personnel, organization of their training by strengthening cooperation with higher and secondary special, professional educational and scientific institutions, attracting young and talented specialists who are able to provide effective work of the Company in the conditions of competition;
  • Commercial success and increased investment attractiveness of the Company, further promotion and expansion of demand for the Company’s export-oriented products on the world market;
  • Automation and digitalization of production processes.

The plant management assumes responsibility for implementing the Quality Policy, intends to strictly follow the stated principles and encourages all employees to actively participate in its implementation.

The Company’s management undertakes to allocate appropriate financial, technical, personnel and other resources to ensure the effective functioning of the Company’s quality management system aimed at meeting the requirements of this policy.

“Almalyk MMC” JSC is a worthy partner to any enterprise in the world.

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