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For 10 months AMMC exported to the USA products for amount of USD 557.2 mln.

13 November 2023, 9:9 778

For January-October 2023, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex fulfilled the forecast indicators for the export of manufactured products.

In particular, for the 10 months of the current year the products for total amount to 557,230,000 U.S. Dollars were exported, the forecast was in this direction was fulfilled by 102.1%.

In terms of products: 47,057 tons of copper products were exported in the reporting period, the forecast was fulfilled by 106%.

36,573 tons of zinc products were exported, the fulfillment of the forecast indicator was 102.7%.

Forecasts for exports of rhenium, cadmium, copper sulfate, palladium powder, molybdenum products, lead concentrate, selenium and tellurium were also met.

For reference: Today AMMC exports more than 20 types of products to more than 20 countries. The AMMC products are exported mainly to countries such as Turkey, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Poland, Tajikistan, Indonesia, the Netherlands, China, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan. Delivery to new markets has also been established: Suriname, Kenya, Australia, Lithuania, Georgia, Portugal, Canada, Austria, Spain, Finland, Morocco and Singapore.

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