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Tactical training in the second copper enrichment factory

01 November 2023, 9:36 354

Awareness in any process begins with training. It is especially important to improve training in production where complex labor processes are carried out.

For this purpose, a special tactical training was held at the 2nd Copper Enrichment Factory of AMMC.

According to the scenario of the exercise in which the knowledge of the personnel of the civil protection structures of the factory in eliminating the consequences of emergency situations was checked, a 5-point earthquake will occur.

As a result, the structure of the building in the main body of the enterprise is damaged, electric cables are cut and a fire breaks out. The dispatch service was immediately alerted and 2 injured workers received first aid. 

After that, the civil protection structures of the factory and the combined forces of the combined civil protection detachment, the fire safety department, and the representatives of the security service performed emergency rescue work surrounded the site and inspected the area.

The victims were given emergency medical aid and were immediately transported to medical facilities, and additional search operations were conducted by the intelligence team.

The technical team of the accident took measures to preserve goods and eliminate consequences in emergency situations. Also, the fire was extinguished with the help of the fire safety department and the volunteer fire brigade.

At the end of the training, the main attention was paid to the rapid actions of the structures and security measures. The participation of more than 80 representatives

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