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AMMC: 2022-year completed effectively

06 January 2023, 8:6 1552

The work team of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex has achieved the fulfillment of all planned tasks in 2022.

In particular, the plan for the production of goods was achieved by 108.3%. According to the plan, products worth 28,173,061,393 soums were to be prepared. In practice, goods worth 30,524,787,717 thousand soums were produced.

Also, the task of producing consumer goods was completed by 135.9%, and products worth 4,618,574,000 soums were produced.

The copper cathode production plan was 100% fulfilled.

In addition, the zinc production plan was fulfilled by 100.1%, and the growth rate was +100%. The task of producing zinc from our own raw materials has been completed by 104.8%. The growth rate was +130%.

The plan for the extraction of polymetallic ores has been completed by 102%, and the task of processing it by 103.1%.

Also, a result of 102.2% was observed in the mining of gold-bearing ores. The plan for the processing of these ores has been fulfilled by 104%.

Copper copper, enameled copper wires, technical selenium and tellurium production tasks are also 100% fulfilled.

It should be noted that the results of 132.4% and 185.2% were recorded in the preparation of perranate ammonium and palladium powder.

The task of producing molybdenum 3 oxide was achieved by 115.2%.

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