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Works for optimization of production costs

28 March 2022, 14:12 1202

The issue of reducing production costs remains relevant at all times. Reducing costs is the most important reserve for optimizing profits, reducing product prices, and, consequently, increasing competitiveness.

In the research and production association for the production of rare metals and hard alloys, as in other divisions of the AMMC, this issue is given great attention.

By order of the Chairman of the Board of JSC “Almalyk MMC” dated February 16, 2022, target parameters were approved to reduce production costs by 1.6% this year.

Also, the chief engineer of the AMMC approved comprehensive organizational and technical measures to reduce production costs. In accordance with this, in 2022, it is planned to reduce costs in the amount of 3,515,566 thousand UZS. In the 1st quarter, it is planned to save funds in the amount of 523,039 thousand UZS.

In January of this year, the association set a task to reduce costs by 175,069 thousand UZS. In fact, they managed to save 1,341,162 thousand UZS. In particular, 148,853 thousand UZS were saved on raw materials and materials. Natural gas was saved by 306,570 thousand UZS (534 thousand cubic meters), electricity by 131,980 thousand UZS (278 thousand kWh), water by 24,602 thousand UZS.

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