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Flotation is the main stage of the enrichment process

06 November 2023, 8:40 1269

At the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, work continues on the implementation of the investment project “Development of the Yoshlik I deposit”. As part of the project, work continues on the construction of copper enrichment factory No 3. Work on the construction of Copper Enrichment Factory-3 as part of an investment project that is of particular importance for the economic development of Uzbekistan is currently being carried out at a rapid pace. It is noteworthy that the technological process of the new factory will be fully automated using modern equipment, which will reduce the human factor, improve the quality of products and increase labor productivity.

All production processes for processing minerals are closely interconnected. At Copper Enrichment Factory-3, ore mined at the Yoshlik I quarries will be divided into classes and rocks up to 60 millimeters in size will undergo a grinding stage. Next, the ore, crushed to 6 millimeters or less, will be sent to the wet screening section. The ore then goes to the grinding and flotation shop, where the grinding process using ball mills continues the process of gravity concentration using Falcon equipment. The function of the Falcon gravity crusher is to extract by gravity the precious elements from the ore that cannot be extracted during the flotation process. The product sent to the hydrocyclone is divided into two fractions: a large, heavier fraction (sands) and a fine, light fraction (drain). The effluent from the hydrocyclone is sent to flotation, while the sand goes into a ball mill and is crushed to 0.074 mm. The main enrichment process is carried out in the flotation section. It should be noted that ore beneficiation is carried out in 3 stages, these are preparation, main enrichment and auxiliary processes.

First, on 6 lines in contact tanks, the drain is mixed with reagents. The product, which undergoes two-stage flotation, is crushed in vertical bead mills in each string (row), revealing the beneficiation surface and increasing the efficiency of non-ferrous metal extraction. During the flotation process, the mixture is separated into enrichment and waste.

The site will be equipped with 54 flotation machines with a volume of 300 cubic meters, 60 flotation machines with a volume of 50 cubic meters, 36 flotation machines with a volume of 20 cubic meters and 6 vertical bead mills. The area will be about 28,000 square meters.

It is worth noting that with the commissioning of the site, 165 new jobs will be created.

To date, concrete work at the flotation site has been completed by 70%, and the installation of 2 of 6 sections of flotation devices manufactured by the Finnish company METSO OUTOTEC is close to completion.

The Copper Enrichment Factory-3 flotation section has a number of advantages in comparison with similar sections at the AMMC processing plants, since all the equipment is more powerful and has high productivity. The new copper enrichment factory-3 will be the only one in the CIS countries where the most advanced technologies of integrated copper ore beneficiation are applied.

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