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New horizons of perspective worshop

02 November 2023, 8:24 1206

In March 1995, a workshop for the production of enameled wires appeared in the system of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex. Later, this shop was called Enameled copper wire drawing and production shop. It satisfied the needs of the energy repair enterprises of our country for enameled wire. Since 2000, this workshop has been one of the workshops of the Copper Smelting Plant.

Enameled wire production technology includes the drawing section of the BM-13M wire drawing machine for the production of coarse wire drawing and the enameling sections of the Italian IMFIANTI company, where PETV-2 and PET-155 enameled copper wires are produced in stretching and enameling units.

The drawing section was established in March 1996 to supply the enameled production section with rough drawn wires. The main raw material is KMO brand copper wire, a product of "Uzbekkabel" JSC, for coarse-stretch wires. The stretching section is equipped with a BM-13M stretching machine.

Umid Eshankulov the head of the enameled copper wire drawing and production department graduated from Tashkent State Technical University and received a degree in electromechanics, starts his professional working activity at the department of “Almaly metallurgical construction”. Since 2005, he continues his work as an electromechanic at his current workplace. Not long after, the management of Copper Smelting Factory, noticing Umid Eshankulov's enthusiasm and love for his profession, entrusted him with the management of the team with confidence. A young leader does not hesitate to get to work and first of all focuses on discipline. Makes the execution of plans on time, without interruption, an important task. The fact that the workshop team supplies the main product of the complex to the consumer market encourages this.

In its place, the team achieved these goals, and the work of technologist Shuhrat Naimov, enamellers Anatoly Zgadov, Abdulla Holmatov, Abdurashid Yergashov, Sergey Semukhin, and electromechanic Dimitriy Kalodin was worthy of achievement in achieving labor goals year after year.

The quality of the product is regularly controlled in the workshop's laboratory. Rich experience and demandingness of the laboratory engineer Oybek Abduqayumov, laboratory assistant Matluba Matqayumov help in the smooth completion of these tasks.

In order to increase the quality and assortment of manufactured products, in 2017 “the project for producing the copper wires” was implemented and the workshop has produced copper wires with the dimension from 1,00 mm to 4,50 mm, achieved to provide the demand for enameled copper wires.

The establishment of a new section with the introduction of modern German technologies allowed to increase the production capacity of copper wires from 450 tons to 5000 tons. Another important aspect - as part of the project, the workshop was equipped with RDT device and IR 50-40 machine, as well as BST laboratory devices that determine the mechanical strength of enamel. About 50-60 tests are conducted by laboratory technicians during one work shift, and the results are automatically entered into the computer program. Last year, the workshop team managed to produce 470 tons of enameled copper wires and send them to consumers.


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