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Current scientific research for the mining and metallurgical industry

20 April 2023, 10:49 1613

On April 17 and 18, in the Almalyk Branch of National University of Science and Technology "MISIS", with the support of JSC Almalyk MMC, the III Youth Scientific and Practical Conference "Science and Youth-2023" was held, held as part of the "78th Days of Science NUST MISIS".

The participants of the conference were warmly welcomed by the director of the Almalyk Branch of NUST MISIS Farkhodbek Umarov, who noted that since the founding of the Almalyk Branch of NUST MISIS, the university has been actively engaged in scientific activities in such areas as improving the technology of mining and processing of minerals, developing technologies for processing industrial waste, resource - and energy saving.

The work of the conference was organized in four sections: “Rational nature management in the mining industry and prospects for the development of mining equipment”, “Trends and prospects for the development of modern metallurgy. Technology for obtaining materials of the future”, “Information technologies for achieving sustainable development goals”, “Mathematical modeling and natural sciences. Modern education and teaching English to students of engineering specialties. In total, 94 reports were heard from students of 2-5 courses studying in the areas of "Mining", "Metallurgy", "Automation of technological processes and production."

Scientific research by young scientists relates to topical issues in the mining and metallurgical industry, including the AMMC. For example, “Features of the geological structure of the Yoshlik I porphyry gold-copper-porphyry deposit”, “Improving the operating efficiency of a mining dump truck”, “Analysis of systems for the repair and restoration of conveyor belts”, “Improving the energy efficiency of lime kilns”, “Research on the method of preparing rocks for excavation at the Kalmakyr mine, "Research on the tailings of the Angren gold recovery plant", "Hardening the teeth of excavator buckets by applying a wear-resistant alloy modified with vanadium to the working face", "Development of technologies for processing used tires of mining dump trucks", "Integrated use of technogenic waste from mining of metallurgical production", "Research of the process of obtaining technical silicon from old slags of copper production", "Possible options for improving the technology of enrichment of copper-molybdenum out-of-balance ores of the Kalmakyr mine", "Artificial ventilation in deep pits", "Optimization of the refueling time of the oil station of the drilling rig SBSh 250-MNA-32", "Study and study of the method of processing man-made wastes of zinc production", "Possibilities of depletion of converter slags of copper production using zinc production clinker", "Automation of technological processes using artificial intelligence", "Protection of an enterprise from cyber attacks", “Security of power supply systems of enterprises from cyber attacks”, “Dust suppression at the Kalmakyr Mining Administration using artificial intelligence”, etc.

In general, the research of young scientists is aimed at increasing the efficiency of production, saving fuel and energy resources, inventory items, involving man-made waste in the processing, automation and digitalization of production, the development of a "green economy", etc.

The authors of the most relevant research were awarded diplomas and gifts.

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