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Implementation of the project will create new jobs

03 April 2024, 9:2 715

As previously, reported, public hearings are being held these days aimed at informing the public about the construction work of the new metallurgical complex at AMMC.

The next public hearing was held on April 2 in the construction site. The event was attended by Kizilgul Kosimova, a Deputy of the Legislative Chamber, deputies of the Almalyk City Council of People's Deputies, officials and specialists of AMMC, as well as employees of the copper smelter.

During the event, a presentation of a new metallurgical complex to be built at AMMC as part of the implementation of the investment project “Development of the Yoshlik I deposit” took place.

It was noted that a number of decrees of the head of our state planned the accelerated development of the copper industry cluster. The main raw material for the enterprises included in this Cluster is cathode copper produced by the plant.

The annual production capacity of the copper smelter is 148.5 thousand tons of copper cathode. The existing capacity to extract this metal from the concentrate that will be produced at copper processing plant No. 3 will not be enough. Considering this fact, much attention is paid to expanding production capacity through the construction of a metallurgical complex.

Also, given that the demand for sulfuric acid in the republic is currently 1.8-1.9 million tons per year, the relevance of this project becomes obvious. Sulfuric acid is the main raw material for enterprises producing mineral fertilizers. Currently, these enterprises require an average of 1 million tons of sulfuric acid per year.

It is also worth noting separately that the production volume of gold (1.7 times) and silver (1.3 times) will also increase. This, in turn, will serve to increase gold and foreign exchange reserves and develop the jewelry industry of our country.

A new metallurgical complex will be equipped with the most advanced technologies and equipment from leading global companies.

For reference: because of the new complex launch, the level of purification of gas emissions will increase by 30%. It is important to emphasize that because of the implementation of this project, new jobs will be created.

Also during the event, the responsible persons presented detailed information about the significance of the project in the development of the city and improving the ecology of the region.


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