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Goal: comprehensive and quality supply

09 September 2022, 8:41 536

The supply of oil and oil products is of great importance in the production and economic activity of any industrial enterprise.

The Oil Products Supply Department of JSC "Almalyk MMC", which includes a central warehouse, 18 fuel stations, compressed natural gas supply and commercial transport sections is one of the organizations that has been able to turn its activities to new foundations.

The system has been improving more and more in recent years in the implementation of the logistics of oil products, the conclusion of beneficial contracts for the supply of fuel and lubricants, the reception of products, their storage for certain periods and their delivery to consumers. In particular, the capital repair work carried out in the Central warehouse facilities, the renewal of the farm transport fleet, and the modernization of gas stations are showing results today.

In order to reduce the cost of products produced by Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, effective systems of supplying fuel and lubricants are being established. These days, current repair works are being carried out in the Central warehouse with a capacity of 3000 m3. The demand for oil products is increasing due to the increase in the number of enterprises of the Complex and mining equipment. Despite this, the oil suppliers of Complex are able to continuously and stably provide the demand for oil and oil products of enterprises, mines and economic organizations. In this direction, in order to create convenience for consumers and reduce transport costs, the work of establishing a new gas station as part of the investment project for the development of the "Yoshlik I" field has been completed.

In addition, within the framework of the "Digital Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex-2030" program, work was carried out in cooperation with the specialists of the Production Automation Department in order to introduce an automated fuel accounting system. Currently, the software is ready-to-use, and training is being conducted to develop skills for users.

Repairman and fitter S.Mamasoliev, storekeepers D.Fozilov and F.Jorayeva are ensuring that the Central warehouse is maintained on a strict basis. The Transport-Economic Department, headed by Tursunboy Mamatov, is a work department that determines the indicators of the department. More than 15 special vehicles are placed on routes per day. Drivers such as motorist A. Ahmedov, mechanic F. Eshonkulov, A. Abdulkasimov, H. Bekmuratov and A. Jorayev have been contributing to the timely delivery of oil products to their designated destinations.

During the last seven months of the year, oil suppliers of the Complex supplied gasoline, compressed natural gas and diesel fuels in the amount of the specified limits. At the same time, the team achieved the economy of 146,400 kW of electricity, 49,538 m3 of industrial water and 467.00 Gcal of heat energy in the past period of this year.

The above achievements will be a worthy gift for the oil suppliers of the Complex on their professional holidays and Independence Day.


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