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Contracts for 46.7 billion uzs were signed at the internaitonal fair of industrial cooperation

25 March 2022, 12:19 759

On March 16-17 this year, the city of Gulistan (Syrdarya region) hosted the international industrial cooperation fair, organized by the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade together with the Syrdarya region administration and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The fair was attended by the leadership of the regional administration, the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, as well as entrepreneurs, manufacturers and exporters from various regions of the country. In particular, the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine took part in it.

Over 685 enterprises presented more than 2,000 types of their products. In turn, JSC “Almalyk MMC” presented over 400 types of imported products (chemical products, blasting tools and accessories, rolled metal products, ferroalloys, etc.), as well as over 120 types of manufactured products (copper and zinc products, cement, phosphorite products, sulfuric acid, rare earth metals and hard-metal products, etc.).

At this fair, a presentation was made on the ongoing work on localization and cooperation at JSC “Almalyk MMC” on the main activities, import substitution indicators mastered by the plant's products and through industrial cooperation, as well as the plant's development program until 2026.

At the industrial fair, JSC “Almalyk MMC” took part in its own stand, where the manufactured products were presented and a catalog of imported products was distributed for more than 2500 types for development of production in the Republic.

Within the framework of the fair, the issues of mastering imported products in enterprises located in their regions were worked out with all deputy heads of region administrations for localization and import substitution.

Following the meeting and discussion, representatives of Andijan, Namangan, Navoi, Fergana, Khorezm regions expressed interest in the development of imported products and readiness to cooperate with JSC “Almalyk MMC”.

The development of the following imported products was discussed with INTER TECHNO-PROM LLC (Namangan): ECG bucket teeth, TsP-328 rubber pads, rail linings, mining equipment.

With the Ferghana enterprises "OIL FILTR TECHNOLOGY", "KUVASOI PLAST", "SHTURVAL", the issue of production of filters for trucks, polyethylene pipes, activated carbon, zeolite was considered.

Based on the results of negotiations during the industrial fair, JSC “Almalyk MMC” concluded 45 contracts for the purchase of products with domestic producers for a total amount of

46.7 billion UZS. Including contracts for the largest amount of contracts for the following products:

- grinding balls 40 for a total of 41 billion UZS;

- drilling bit KNSh 40x25 (equipped with a brass bushing) for a total of 1.8 billion UZS;

- potassium xanthate for a total amount of 0.9 billion UZS;

Also, following the results of negotiations with manufacturers, 6 memorandums were concluded for the purchase of products for a total of 15.8 billion UZS.

For reference, from January to the current period, JSC “Almalyk MMC” for production needs on the cooperation portal signed contracts for a total of 107.6 billion UZS.

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