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AMMC: results of the first month of 2022

02 February 2022, 14:33 1167

For January of 2022, the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgy Complex’s workforce met production targets, achieving high efficiency.

According to the data provided by the production and cost monitoring department of the AMMC executive branch, last month the forecast for the production of commodity products in current prices was fulfilled by 111.5%.

In particular, the forecast for ore production in the Kalmakyr mine was fulfilled by 102.5%, the growth rate - 107%.

The growth rate in copper processing is 97.5%. The growth rate for copper content in concentrate is 91.4%.

Copper cathode produced 100.0%, growth rate - 100.0%. The indicator for zinc metal production from own raw materials is 100.0%.

Good results were achieved in the production of sulfuric acid. Thus, the growth rate in this direction was 111.1%.

During the reporting period, the targets for polymetallic ore extraction and processing by the Handiza mine management were 100% and 101.4% fulfilled, zinc content in zinc concentrate amounted to 108%.

Extraction of gold-containing ore has been carried out: Angren mine management - 106.8% (growth rate of 104.5%), Chadak mine management - 100.1% (97.5%), Kauldy mine - 100.1% (133.7%), its processing - 101.3% (97.7%), 105.9% (99.4%), 100.2% (135.2%) respectively. Performed indicators on the content of the first and second metals in the concentrate. The content of the first metal in the concentrate was: Angren mine management - 100.2% (97.4% growth rate), Chadak mine management - 100.4% (85.7%), Kauldy mine - 106.8% (102.9%); second metal content: Angren mine management – 120,1% (81,9%), Chadak mine management – 140,6% (94,5%), Kauldy mine – 104,7% (119,8%).

The forecast for the production of copper sulfate, enamel wire, selenium technical, tellurium technical is 100% fulfilled.

The production of ammonium perranate reached 168.2% and the growth rate was 125.9%. The forecast for the production of molybdenum trioxide was fulfilled by 101.3%, copper tubes - by 116.2%.

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