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"AMMC recognition-2022”: incentives for activists

29 December 2022, 16:14 1775

Today " AMMC recognition-2022” holiday dedicated for the execution of state policy for 2022 related to the youth in “Metallurg” palace of culture.

The winners of various contests and sports competitions throughout the year, the athletes who have been adequately defending the honor of the Complex in the sports arenas, first entered through the red corridor at the event, which was held for the first time.

Speaking at the event, Senator Abdulla Khursanov, Chairman of the Board of the AMMC, spoke about the work being carried out in the Complex in terms of youth policy, the achievements of our athletes in the world arenas, and congratulated everyone on the New Year holiday.

After that, Amir Abidov, Elyor Jumayev, Ulugbek Roziyev, Farhod Maksumov were promoted in the nomination "A selfless young employee who made a great contribution to the international recognition of the reputation of the plant". The young scientists and specialists of the Complex demonstrated a number of scientific developments and made presentations at the 17th International Symposium on New and Nano Materials held in Korea on November 14-18 this year. As a result of their efforts, the National Assembly of Korea decided to allocate a grant of 15 billion won (about 12 million US dollars) to OKKM.

In addition, the winners of the professional skills competitions held by the Youth Union in 2022 were awarded with the "AMMC recognition-2022" statuette and valuable gifts:

Muhammadali Isroilov(Copper beneficiation plant) is “Young Plumber Repairman of the Year”;

Timur Salixov (“Almalyk metallurgy construction” trest) is “The best young economist of the year”;

Ozodjon Xaytaliyev (Department of Industrial Railway Transport) is “The best young marksman of the year”;

Shahzod Sayidazimov (Central Repair Mechanics Plant) is “The best young gas electrowelder of the year”;

Davron Eraliyev (Copper beneficiation plant) is “The best youth booster of the year”;

Rasul Erkinov (Overhauling department) is “The best young engineer-builder of the year”;

Abdurauf Mirzakarimov (Executive Office, Chief Mechanic Service) is “The best young leader of the year”;

O‘tkirjon Qahhorov (Technological center for the development and implementation of innovative technologies) is “The best young metallurgist of the year”;

Akmaljon Jamoliddinov (Angren Mining Department) is “The best young programmer of the year”;

Dilshod Abduvaliyev (Department of Electricity Networks) is “the best and youngest electrical engineer of the year”;

Hamidjon Bozorov (Department of Industrial Railway Transport) is “The best young accountant of the year”;

Azamat Abdiyev (Central Repair Mechanics Plant) is “The most active youth leader of the year”.

Also, Abduhalloq Mirahmedov director of Angren Mining department is acknowledged as “The head of the enterprise that is most active in supporting the activities of the Youth Union”.

Sahobiddin Yunusaliyev director of “Metallurg” MS became “The most active cultural worker of the year”.

Shoira Matmurotova, editor-in-chief of TV studio "AMMC TV" was awarded as "the most active information service employee of the year".

Ozoda Kamolova Head of kindergarten No 39 of the department of social sites was found “The most active female employee of the year”.

AMMC is making many achievements not only in the field of production, but also in sports. The players of AMMC-W team have a significant contribution in winning the 1st place among the national team of Uzbekistan at the CAFA-2022 Central Asian Cup in women's football. Players of the AMMC-W team - Karina Gamadeyeva, Aleksandra Li, Sevinch Khabibullayeva, Rukhshona Olimjonova, Asalkhan Aminjonova were considered worthy of the "Best Young Athlete of the Year" nomination.

In addition, the winners of international sports competitions in wrestling, table tennis, checkers and weightlifting - Sardor Safarov, Khumoyun Yuldashev, Sohibjon Boymatov, Kholmirza Hasanboyev, Bibigavhar Polatboyeva, Zemfira Azatova, Gulkhumor Jannazarova, Kemran Shirinov, Yelena Khardina, Konstantin Khardin were also encouraged by this nomination.

Coaches have an invaluable role in helping athletes to achieve great goals. During the activity the coaches Aleksandr Romanenko (powerlifting), Bahodir Sheranov (wrestling), Vladimir Mo‘minov (handball), Hasan Qayumov (handball), Aziz Teshaboyev (volleyball), Jahongir Xodjayev (basketball) was acknowledged as “The most active sports coach of the year”.

The teams of th eCentral Repair Mechanics Plant, Department of Industrial Railway Transport and Copper beneficiation plant took place in the top three in the sport competition “Youth Spartakiad-2022” organized between the youth working in the structural departments of the Complex. Cups and cash prizes were presented to these teams.

The teams of “Children in the sky”, Production automation department and Copper beneficiary plant who are the winnder of the league of “Zakovat” intellectual game were awarded with the cups and money awards.

At the event, the concert program prepared by the creative groups of the "Metallurg" Palace of Culture gave everyone a festive mood.

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