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Results of production activities for 10 months of 2023

07 November 2023, 16:11 825

The workforce of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex completed production tasks for the period from January to October of this year. In particular, the forecast indicator for the production of marketable products in current prices was fulfilled by 105%.

The task for ore mining by the Kalmakyr mine management was completed by 101.7%. Processing of copper raw materials was completed by 100.6%, the forecast for copper content in concentrate was fulfilled by 106.6%.

The copper processing plant and copper processing plant-2 exceeded production targets for the processing of copper raw materials and for the copper content in concentrate of 100.2 percent, 106.6 percent and 104.1 percent, 129.3 percent, respectively.

The forecast for the production of cathode copper (100%) and zinc (101.4%) was also achieved.

The tasks for the extraction and processing of polymetallic ore by the Khandiza mine during the reporting period were completed by 104.8 percent and 104.3 percent, the zinc content in the zinc concentrate was 103.8 percent.

Extraction of gold ore was carried out: by Angren mining administration - by 103.1%, by Chodak mining administration - by 101.6%, by the Kauldy mine - by 104.5%, its processing - by 103.2%, 100.6%, 105.4% respectively. Indicators for the content of the first and second metals in the concentrate were met. The content of the first metal in the concentrate was: Angren mining administration - 101.1%, Chodak mining administration - 100.4%, Kauldy mine - 109.7%; content of the second metal: Angren mining administration - 134.5%, Chodak mining administration - 168.4%, Kauldy mine - 111.0%.

Copper sulfate was produced at 100.0%, enamel wire - 100.0%, technical selenium - 100.0%, technical tellurium - 100.0%, ammonium perrhenate - 101.5%, palladium powder - 118.6%, molybdenum trioxide – 110.4%.

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