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Unique new products are being developed at AMMC

23 August 2022, 17:5 579

The integration of science into production leads to the production of new types of products. In particular, the implementation of innovative developments in the industry is of great importance in the production of new types of products. In this regard, effective research is being conducted at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex. In particular, significant work is being done on the development of "Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex" JSC "Union of Scientific Production of Rare Metals and Hard Alloys" for the period of 2022-2024 and implementation of the new products development program.

In particular, specialists of the Uzbek-Korean scientific and technological center of the association managed to get the first samples of new products.

One of these products is a new nickel-based superalloy with high strength and ductility.

The alloy is used in long-term applications, such as automotive, internal combustion engines, high-temperature devices, oil and gas industry, aerospace industry.

Now in the countries of the world there is a nickel-based alloy called inconel. It is widely used in advanced automotive industry. Basically, such material is used in Chevrolet, Hyundai, and Kia engines.

The new invention is a metal composition belonging to the family of nickel-based superalloys. Its advantage is that there is no oxidation level, that is, it does not corrode, so it is useful for a long time. It is light due to its low density, but this does not mean that it is fragile. That is, it is light, strong, flexible, does not break at different temperatures and climates, and is not affected by the external environment. The new superalloy is lightweight, highly heat resistant and easy to cast.

Experts say that last week, the first sample of a new nickel-based superalloy was obtained at the complex in laboratory and semi-industrial conditions. This alloy is in great demand in Europe, Asia and the USA. Also, according to experts, this superalloy will be used for the production of high-value products in the near future.

Another new product is ammonium octamolybdate, which has smoke reducing and flame retardant properties. When this substance is added to all plastic products (polyvinyl chloride), it has fire extinguishing properties. The most important aspect is that it stops flammability when added to plastic construction material. Also, this product is added to car interior, aerospace interior, and cables in world markets.

Scientific research carried out to obtain this product did not wait long for its result. On August 23, 99.99 percent pure ammonium octamolybdate was obtained. Marketing is currently underway. It is planned to produce this product on a large scale.

Currently, the first samples were produced in semi-industrial conditions. This product is considered a molybdenum based product. We think that this product of ours will be widely used in the construction industry and will revolutionize the industry.

It is no exaggeration to say that these achievements of the experts and scientists of the complex will be a special gift for the 31st anniversary of the independence of our country.

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