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Digitalization of AMMC: the electronic journal system is launched

20 April 2023, 9:7 1553

At the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, work continues on the widespread introduction of digital technologies.

Most of the actions in the business processes of the AMMC structural divisions are recorded in logs. In the study conducted by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Almalyk MMC JSC for digitalization and a group of specialists from the production automation department, more than 150 types of general and individual journals were counted.

In order to simplify processes and analyze data, business processes are currently being reengineered and the Electronic Journal system is being launched. To date, 18 journals have been converted to electronic format and are used as test ones.

The main goal of these works is not to digitize all available documents, but to analyze data and make quick and correct business decisions.

For reference: In order to improve the efficiency of the management system and digitalization of office work, reduce the work with paper documents in the management process, an electronic document management system was introduced in 2022. As a result, the turnover of paper documents at the AMMC was reduced by 70 percent, savings of more than 10 tons of paper (or 2 million sheets) per year were achieved, and the costs of labor resources and time for operations related to paper documents were minimized.

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