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Dairy products

Today it is already impossible to imagine the table of workers of the AMMC and Almalyk residents without dairy products, which can be purchased in departmental stores of the complex.

And all this is of excellent quality, taste and usefulness, for which the workers of a small section of a dairy farm - a milk processing workshop - are responsible.

Every day, from 2,500 to 2,800 kilograms of milk are shipped to the outlets of the plant, to children’s educational institutions of the USO AGMK, the sanatorium, the “Nuroniy” Pensioners’ House. In addition, daily departmental stores of the plant receive for sale about 100 kilograms of sour cream, 200 kg of kaimak and cottage cheese, 350-400 kg of curdled milk, which are popular and in demand among the workers and townspeople.

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