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Electrical networks department

The Department of Electrical Networks (DEN) is an auxiliary subdivision with the rights of a workshop as part of JSC “Almalyk MMC”.

Kind of activity:

Uninterrupted providing the Complex’ subdivisions with electric power. Repair of the electrical equipment, and its verification. Includes the department of electric mains and substations, central electrical laboratory, and power repair department.

The DEN includes: Networks and substations shop (NSS), central electrical laboratory (CEL), power repair shop (PRS).

The NSS includes:

  • Operation section No. 1.
  • Operation section No. 2.
  • Operation section No. 3.
  • Linear cable section.

The main tasks of the NSS:

  • uninterrupted power supply to the enterprises of JSC “Almalyk MMC” and other consumers.
  • maintaining reliable, uninterrupted, economical operation of substation equipment
  • reliable operation of substation equipment, competent and prompt actions of the NSS personnel on duty ensure the rhythmic operation of the Kalmakyr, Sary-Cheku, Kauldy mines, the rolling stock of the IRTD, the equipment of the plants and factories of the plant.

CEL includes:

  • Site for adjustment and maintenance of relay protection and electric automation.
  • Test site for high-voltage equipment.
  • Area of ​​automated electric drive.
  • Section of electrical measuring instruments.

Main tasks of CEL:

  • Carrying out commissioning and preventive maintenance.
  • maintenance and repair of relay protection and automation devices.
  • adjustment of secondary switching schemes, control circuits, alarm systems of the shops of JSC “Almalyk MMC”.
  • adjustment and maintenance of the electric drive.
  • preventive testing of newly commissioned electrical equipment of subdivisions of JSC “Almalyk MMC”.
  • repair and calibration of electrical measuring instruments and metering devices.
  • testing of transformer oil.
  • testing of protective equipment.
  • settlement work on the power unit and electrical equipment.
  • implementation of departmental metrological control over the state and use of SI (measuring instruments)
  • preparation of instructional materials for the adjustment, testing and operation of electrical installations and electrical equipment.

The PRS includes:

  • Turning and mechanical area.
  • Refrigeration equipment repair shop.
  • Wire drawing area.
  • Repair shop for alternating current machines.
  • Department for the repair of DC machines.
  • Impregnation department.
  • Control and measuring station.
  • Transformer repair shop.

The main tasks of the PRS:

  • repair of electric motors, transformers
  • repair and manufacture of apparatus coils and other electrical equipment for all divisions of the plant.

Head: Karshibaev Ulmas Eshmonovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09



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