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Heat and power plant

The thermal power center is a part of "Almalyk MMC" JSC and is located in the industrial area of the city of Almalyk, Tashkent region.

The thermal power plant was put into operation in 1959 and fulfills the following the tasks:

- Satisfying heat needs in the production of combined shops with 8÷13 ata pressure steam of a steam turbine;

- Supplying thermal energy and hot water to combined shops and residents of Almalyk city;

- Production of electricity in order to increase production efficiency on the basis of the aforementioned heat consumption.     

The thermal power plant parallelly works according to the system of Uzbekenergo.

The thermal power plant has an installed capacity of 36 MW for electricity production, 390 t/h for steam production and 420 Gcal/h for hot water production. The energy carrier is organic fuel. The main fuel is natural gas, the reserve fuel is coal, and the emergency fuel is fuel oil.

The thermal power plant has 4 BKZ-75/39 FB and 1 Ye-75/39/440-GM steam boilers as heat generators and 3 PTVM-100 water heating boilers. There are 3 turbine generators with a capacity of 12 MW each for generating electricity.

Providing consumers with thermal energy

For production enterprises, it is produced from a steam turbine with a pressure of 8÷13 ata and a temperature of 3300C and reduction cooling equipment (ROU 8÷13 ata). Steam to combined enterprises and external consumers is transmitted through IEM through three-way steam pipelines IEM-MBF, IEM-MBF2, IEM-5 TBIChB.

Hot water supply is transmitted in three directions of heat networks: The thermal power plant - City through 1st line pipes with a diameter of 500 mm, The thermal power plant - City through 2nd line pipes with a diameter of 500-630 mm and the thermal power plant – Copper Enrichment Factory through pipes with a diameter of 426 mm

Power supply

The thermal power plant transmits the electricity generated in the course of work from the thermal power plant 110/6 substation to the Qoraqiyasoy 220/110/35/6 kV substation through the LEP-110 kV overhead line on the AS-120 mm2 conductor with a length of 2 km.

Power supply of auxiliary mechanisms and boiler-turbine equipment is provided by 7-section KRU 6kV, and 0.4 kV mechanisms are provided with 5 RUSN-0.4kV relays. 

The thermal power plant has following workshops:

- Boiler-turbine workshop;

- Power workshop;

- Chemical cleaning workshop

- Heat supply and underground communications shop;

- Building and construction repair and service section.

Head: Akhmedov Dzhabarali  Akbaralievich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


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