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Copper-Smelting Plant

The copper smelting plant is the largest division of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, the main commodity shop that produces refined copper in the form of cathodes, refined gold and silver ingots, technical selenium and tellurium, sulfuric acid, copper sulfate, ammonium perrhenate, middling molybdenum burnt, bare copper wire and copper wire in enamel insulation.

The decision to build a copper smelter in the city of Almalyk as part of the Altyn-Topkan lead-zinc plant was made on May 17, 1958. The construction of the plant began in 1960, and on December 31, 1963, an act of the state commission was signed on putting the plant into operation, and on the same day the first smelting of blister copper was carried out.

Over the past, more than fifty years, the copper smelter was constantly reconstructed, expanded, new workshops were put into operation, in which new technologies were mastered and new types of products were manufactured.

The copper smelting plant includes the following workshops:

Metallurgical shop, Consists of melting and converter-anode compartments.

a) The smelter section (SS) is provided for the processing of sulfide copper concentrates and gold-bearing fluxes. The smelting products are copper matte, waste slag and process gases for the production of sulfuric acid.

b) Copper matte is processed in the converter-anode section (CAS) to produce blister copper, converter slag and process gases for the production of sulfuric acid;

Fire refining of blister copper is carried out in anode furnaces, smelting products are anode copper, which is a raw material for the production of cathodes, and anode slag is a recycled product that is returned to the production of blister copper. The copper granulation furnace is intended for casting the granules required for the production of copper sulphate.

Copper electrolysis shop

The purpose of the copper electrolysis shop is to obtain high-purity copper with high electrical conductivity, ductility and associated extraction of noble and rare metals. Electrolytic refining of anode copper is carried out in the electrolytic baths of the copper electrolysis shop in order to obtain marketable products, as well as to obtain copper electrolyte sludge to extract gold, silver, selenium and tellurium from them.

Vitriol shop

The CSP vitriol shop is designed to remove from the production of the spent electrolyte from the Copper electrolysis shop and Gold and Silver Refining Shop, saturated with impurities, using copper granules and sulfuric acid in order to obtain copper sulphate.

Gold and silver refining shop

The gold and silver refining workshop consists of 3 departments:

a) Sludge processing section;

The product of processing is copper electrolyte sludge. The main requirements for the sludge processing technology are the maximum complete extraction of gold, silver, selenium and tellurium from them.

b) Gold refining section;

The product of processing are anodes made of SZM alloy. The main requirements for anode processing technology are the maximum complete extraction of gold and silver from them. Production products are refined ingots of gold and silver.

c) Receiving melting section;

Designed for receiving and processing scrap and waste of precious metals coming from the enterprises of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Sulfuric acid shop

The sulfuric acid shop consists of two sections: production of sulfuric acid; production of ammonium sulfite-bisulfite (ASB).

a) production of sulfuric acid includes departments SK-3, SK-4. The raw material for the production of sulfuric acid is sulfur dioxide from the metallurgical shop. The finished product is sulfuric acid, which is used for the production of mineral fertilizers.

b) section for production of ammonium sulfite-bisulfite (ASB). The purpose of the site is to obtain ammonium sulfite-bisulfite - an aqueous solution-reagent during flotation for the needs of a copper processing plant. The main raw materials for the production of ammonium sulfite-bisulfite are industrial aqueous ammonia and off-gases from sulfuric acid production.

Rare metals production shop

Rare metals production shop consists of 2 stages:

- production of cinder molybdenum middlings;

- production of ammonium perrhenate.

The initial raw material for the production of molybdenum middling cinder and ammonium perrhenate is molybdenum middling product (MMP) coming from the copper processing plant.

The production of calcined molybdenum middlings is carried out by roasting molybdenum middlings in horizontal rotary kilns.

The production of ammonium perrhenate is carried out by roasting molybdenum middlings in horizontal rotary kilns and capturing rhenium sublimates from exhaust gases in a wet gas and dust collection system.

Shop of drawing and production of enameled wire

The production of enameled copper wire consists of two sections: drawing section; area of ​​enameling.

The purpose of the drawing process is to obtain round copper wire Ø 1.0 ÷ 4.5 mm from copper rod on the new M-85 drawing machine.

The drawing section is equipped with new equipment and is designed to provide wire for the copper section for the production of enameled wire, and is also a commercial product of the plant.

The purpose of the enameling process is to obtain enameled copper wire for the needs of energy repair enterprises in Uzbekistan.

The raw material for the production of enameled copper wire is round copper wire Ø 1.0÷4.5 mm.

Auxiliary shops:

Instrumentation and control shop: Maintenance of production control devices, process signaling devices, auto-regulation and process control devices, remote control devices for control and stop valves.

Repair mechanical shop (RMS): Manufacture of spare parts and parts for repairs of technological equipment.

Specialized repair assembly shop (SRAS): Carrying out current and major repairs of MPZ process equipment.

Air separation shop (ASS): Production of gaseous technological oxygen used for conducting technological processes of MPZ.

Power shop (PS): Providing the shops of the copper smelter with electricity, gas, steam and water.

Thus, the copper smelter is a modern enterprise with advanced technology and a complete cycle for obtaining basic metals contained in the feedstock.

Director: Vakkasov, Bakhtiyar  Abduraimovich

Phone: (+998 78) 141-90-09


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