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Copper Concentrator-3: active construction

12 April 2022, 14:24 4052

Pursuant to Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures on expanding production capacities of “Almalyk MMC” JSC at “Yoshlik I” deposit” dated March 1, 2017 and “On measures on accelerating modernization of production capacities, technical and technological re-equipment of industries” dated December 25, 2018, works on construction of Copper Concentrator-3 are continued and significant changes in this direction are noted.

Design activities: HAZOP

The Project Office is currently conducting HAZOP studies aimed at identifying potential deviations from the project objectives, examining their possible causes and assessing their consequences. The work is conducted on the premises of the main engineering contractor, WOOD company ( WOOD is a global leader in energy and anthropogenic environment consulting and engineering. The corporation with 40,000 of personnel provides consulting and operational solutions to global customers in more than 60 countries. Project managers participate in the study. The result of the studies will be a complete package of design documentation of the basic engineering of the project.

Construction activities: Coarse Ore Stockpile and Secondary Cone Crusher

In March of this year, there was a tangible momentum in the construction of Copper Concentrator-3, namely, concreting and reinforcing works entered an active phase.

The coarse ore stockpile (COS) is a facility with sufficient buffer capacity to store ore with coarse fraction up to 350 mm, which ensures continuous and rational operation of the equipment of the subsequent crushing stages.

To date, work is underway to equip the tiers and walls of the future warehouse. Step by step is the installation of formwork and pouring concrete.

The Secondary Cone Crusher (SCC) is a facility designed to provide the 2nd stage of crushing, namely crushing the ore to a particle size of up to 60 mm.

Works on the arrangement of the concrete base for the equipment were carried out. Delivery and installation of the first crushers is expected in June of this year.

Resources: Personnel and equipment

More than 1500 workers and more than 250 units of heavy machinery are involved in the project, including crawler dump trucks, mobile cranes, bulldozers, excavators, concrete mixers, etc.

In order to accelerate the implementation of the project, there is a provision for the arrival of new vehicles, which continue to arrive at the project in accordance with the mobilization plan.

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