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The first equipment is brought

26 August 2022, 12:31 1567

In August of this year, the first equipment was delivered to the 3rd copper enrichment factory, which is being built within the framework of the investment project "Development of the Yoshlik-1 Mine", which is being implemented as a mega project by AMMC.

Today, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex is implementing a large-scale project in the republic. Within the framework of the project, by introducing new approaches and mechanisms of investment project management, this factory, which is scheduled to be put into operation in 2024, is being built with a value of 2 billion dollars.

In August of this year, the first equipment of the KSD-3000 crusher was installed at this facility. KSD-3000 Cone Medium Crusher plays an important role in ore crushing chain in metal production. A total of 8 crushers of this type will be installed at the factory. Preparations for the installation of the 2nd and 3rd crushers are currently underway.

The global goal of this megaproject is to care for the environment and human health, sustainable development of society, development of urban infrastructure, elimination of poverty, and rational use of natural resources. 3rd Copper Enrichment Plant is complex processing of ores serves to extract copper, molybdenum, silver and gold from the final concentrate. The construction and commissioning of the 3rd Copper Enrichment Plant is entrusted to the project office of the special structural department of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex.

Global giants with great scientific and technical potential and highly qualified foreign specialists with international experience were engaged in this task as partners. Advanced solutions of project management and organizational development methodologies have been introduced to launch the 3rd Copper Enrichment Plant.

The preparation of the equipment is carried out under the strict control of the Order

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex’s specialists conduct regular inspections in the territory of the equipment manufacturer. The implementation of control measures allows to eliminate possible problems directly from the manufacturer before loading and shipping to Uzbekistan. The installation was carried out with the participation of the manufacturer's representatives.

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