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AMMC is taking part in “” weekly

18 October 2022, 15:54 1288

"" International Week of Innovative Ideas started today. This is reported by the press service of the Ministry of Innovative Development.

Representatives, experts, scientists from more than 50 foreign countries and local scientific and innovative centers, investment funds, technology agencies, technology parks and business incubators are participating in this international week.

Also, in this international week, Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex is participating with its scientific and innovative developments and products produced on the basis of the localization program.

More than 30 events are planned to be held during the week under the slogan "Green Innovations for Sustainable Development", focusing on the activities of each area where innovation has penetrated and taking into account the presentation at exhibitions.

Scientific developments of the scientists of our republic, innovative products, and startup projects are presented at the exhibition of innovative developments organized within the weekly framework. The results of scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Innovative Development will be presented at the autumn stage of the Scientific Developments Commercialization Forum.

As part of this week, on October 19, the Asia-Pacific Technology Transfer Center will hold a regional seminar on "Technical Cooperation Mechanisms for Green Innovations". At this event, global issues requiring the introduction of green innovations and new technologies aimed at reducing the risk of environmental and climate change and increasing economic efficiency will be discussed.

The "International Robotics Challenge" robotics competition, which is traditionally held during the week, will be held. In this competition, which covers children from 16 to 22 years old, young people interested in robotics compete against each other and the best participants are awarded with valuable prizes.

On October 20 of the "InnoWeek.Uz-2022" week, the "Science and Innovation International Scientific Forum" and the "Science and Innovation" international scientific conference of young scientists will be held. At the same time, on the same day, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the "Leader of Innovative Ideas" badge and the World Bank grant programs will be held. An expert conference for IT specialists on the topic "Organization of Turkish States: Specializing in Smart Cities" and an international conference on the topic "Towards energy efficiency and carbon-free future energy" will also be held on the same day. In addition, startup project teams discuss solutions to environmental issues and opportunities to attract investment.

On the last day of the week, the final stage of the "International Robotics Challenge" competition, the presentation of the fundamental projects implemented within the framework of state programs related to scientific activity will be organized. Also, on October 21, a seminar on "Prospects for the development of the copper industry in Uzbekistan" will be held.

Agreements and memorandums with international and local partners are expected to be signed during the week that will last until October 21.

3rd construction works of the water supply facilities of the copper beneficiation factory have started.

Considerable work is being done to meet the industrial water needs of the 3rd copper beneficiation plant, which is being built on the basis of the investment project "Development of the Yoshlik-1 mine", which is recognized as a mega project by the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex.

In particular, the 3rd MBF external water supply scheme for the construction of water supply facilities was approved. 712 hectares were allocated from Piskent and Ohangaron districts for the exact boundaries of the areas needed for the facilities and the necessary land areas.

According to Sanjar Namozboyev, a hydrologist engineer of the industrial water supply, works have been started on the "Korakhitoy-Aqchasoy" underground water reservoir located in the territory of Ohangaron district. This basin is located on the banks of the Ohangaron (Angren River, the main source of saturation is from the river and internal irrigation systems. The underground water level of the basin is from 1 to 3 meters, and the area is rich in underground water. "Uzbekhydrogeology" conducted exploration works in the area to confirm water reserves and gave a conclusion. Design works were prepared by the design organization "UzgeorangmetLITI". Today, construction works are being carried out in this area by the contractor company Enter Engineering. A total of 39 underground wells should be drilled under the project. Currently, 22 underground wells have been drilled. 8 drilling rigs were involved in these drilling works. Each well has a capacity of 320 cubic meters per hour, and the reservoir supplies a total of 9,600 cubic meters of water per hour.

There are 39 underground wells in the "Korakhitoy-Aqchasoy" underground water basin in 2 rows. These wells collect water in the collector. These waters are delivered to the factory using 2 pipes with a diameter of 1200 mm.

Control roads will also be built by the contractor.

It meets 40% of the industrial water needs of the factory. In addition to the construction of this underground water reservoir, in parallel, the construction of the "Korakhitoy" substation was started to meet the electricity needs of this facility. Currently, the foundation of the substation is being poured. Transformers with a capacity of 4 kilowatt amperes will be installed in this substation.

In addition, in order to fully satisfy the industrial water needs of the factory, research work is being carried out in the underground water reservoirs "Saganak", "Lower Saganak" and "Kultepa" in Piskent district. A total of 62 additional underground wells will be drilled in these underground water reservoirs. Work has been started here as well.

The distance from the "Korakhitoy-Aqchasoy" underground water reservoir to the 3rd copper beneficiation plant is 19 km, 26 km long water pipes with a diameter of 1200 mm will be laid. A service road will be built parallel to them.

According to the plan, the 3rd MBF external water supply facilities will be commissioned in September 2023.

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