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The regional workshop on preparation of children recreation camps for "Summer-2023" was held

30 May 2023, 8:56 1472

Summer has come into its own. There is very little time left when children's voices will sound in the health camps of the country. In the meantime, before the arrival of the guys, the last preparatory work is being carried out in the health resorts.

The school year has come to an end and the long-awaited summer holidays have begun. And this means that thousands of girls and boys of primary and secondary school age had the opportunity to visit one of the country's children's health camps.

These days, in all regions of the country, work is underway to prepare camps for the season, special thematic seminars are being held. One of them, organized by the Tashkent regional department for the organization of recreation and health improvement of children, took place on May 26 at the Gulzor children's health camp, which is under the control of the AMMC.

It should be noted that in order to improve, organize meaningful spending of free time and assist in restoring the health of children, as well as bringing the system of activities in this area to a new level, in accordance with the Resolution of the President "On additional measures for the systematic organization of recreation and further improvement of work on improving children” (RP No. 427 dated 18.11.2022.) in the system of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, the Department for the Organization of Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children and the Republican Commission on the Systematic Organization of Recreation and Rehabilitation of Children were established.

During the seminar, the following topics were discussed: "Preparation for the summer season 2023. On the role of trade unions in its organization at a high level." The speakers spoke about measures for the systematic and efficient organization of activities, reliable and uninterrupted operation of the systems of household, communal, transport and medical services in the camps; organization in the camps of educational work and cultural and educational events aimed at raising children in the spirit of patriotism, universal and national values, the formation of independent thinking skills in children, with the participation of representatives of the fields of education, science, culture, literature and art; development and implementation of measures aimed at strengthening a healthy lifestyle among children in camps, including the holding of mass sports competitions with the participation of famous athletes; introduction of a quality emergency medical service in the camps, providing it with the necessary medicines and medical products, as well as ensuring strict control over compliance with sanitary norms and rules, hygiene standards, regulatory requirements in the field of technical regulation of fire safety activities; implementation of systemic measures to ensure security and prevent natural and man-made emergencies in the camps.

Representatives of the council of the trade union of workers of JSC Almalyk MMC also took part in the seminar.

Preparing the camps for the reception of children, the employees of the USO, in whose department there are children's health resorts, trade union committees, as well as representatives of other divisions of the AMMC, performed a large amount of work: they prepared sleeping buildings, libraries and rooms for group activities, toilets, showers, laundry rooms, canteens and first-aid posts, stages, pools and sports grounds, were engaged in improvement and gardening of territories. In parallel with the repair work, a fire alarm is being audited, equipment, compressors, and pumps are being adjusted. You can't list everything. Separate work was carried out on the selection of personnel. In a word, the management and the Council of the Trade Union of JSC Almalyk MMC are doing everything possible to ensure that the children's vacation takes place in the most comfortable conditions that meet sanitary and hygienic and medical and preventive standards.

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